Best Way to Fix a Car Speaker’s Crackling? [Guide]

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The primary cause of the crackling sound coming from the car speakers is a connection issue between the speaker and the amplifier. Damaged voice coils that come into touch with the magnet are another potential cause of the crackling sound produced by the speakers.

Additionally, speakers may have a crackling sound if they are powered by an amplifier that is too strong. This occurs when the voice coils attempt to shift the cone beyond its maximum range.

Why are my car speakers crackling?

When speakers crackle, it’s usually a sign of something wrong with how the wires are connected. The connection between the speakers is often poor for two primary reasons:

Several speaker cables were torn: This is particularly the case with older automotive audio installations, as lines tend to get frayed over time in the congested areas of doors, which are subjected to being opened and shut an average of several thousand times each year. It is worthwhile to replace factory speakers with high-quality OFC wires, which can be purchased on Amazon. These cables will provide the greatest possible listening experience.

Connectors that are in bad shape: In most cases, the harnesses on the radio side are in excellent condition; however, an exception would be if they were packed tightly in the dashboard. Most of the time, damage occurs at the speaker connectors because the speaker wires might shift, which causes the connectors to become loose. For instance, speakers located in the back decks are pretty vulnerable. If you have this problem, you should attempt to repair any broken connections with sturdy FIXITOK spade connectors.

If the wires and connections have been inspected and are in excellent condition, then the crackling sound coming from the speaker may be due to damage to the voice coil.

Within the magnet is where you’ll find the voice coil. There is little space between a voice coil and a magnet; nonetheless, if the voice coil is positioned off-center, it has the potential to come into contact with the interest, which will result in a crackling sound.

This interaction opens up a hitherto unexplored avenue. Even though shortcuts persist for a fraction of a second, this is enough time for the speaker to crackle.

There are several potential causes for the voice coil to be out of place, including the following:

  • When the cone or suspension of the speaker needed repair and was subsequently reassembled with the voice coil put in an incorrect position relative to the magnet.
  • The speaker’s maker could have made it with a defect.
  • When the voice coil was being repaired, a new one was used, but it was installed in the wrong spot.

It is also possible for speakers to crackle when they are connected to a malfunctioning amplifier or pre-outs that have been damaged. Especially it is typical for there to be no sound coming from the speakers when there is a problem with the amplifier, but this is not always the case.

Amplifiers can create signals at low volumes without any issues, but if your vehicle speakers crackle when you turn up the level, it may indicate that your amplifier is broken.


How to Fix Crackling Car Speakers?

It is possible to repair even the most severely damaged automobile speakers; the only limiting factors are time and money. Because such repairs are costly to get done by specialists, it is debatable whether it is worth the time and effort to attempt to fix standard automobile speakers.

In most cases, we fix speakers whose original replacements are hard to come by since they are either very costly or one-of-a-kind.

The repair that is the most difficult to do on the speaker is the voice coil repair. It is best to leave the installation of electrical and sound systems to the experts if you do not have any previous knowledge in these areas.

When the voice coil is repaired at home, there is still a possibility that the assembled speakers may not sound precisely the same as the new one or that the sounds may be distorted.

When your speaker’s cone or its surrounds get damaged, fixing or replacing them is not very difficult and may be done in the comfort of one’s own house.

Can crackling damage car speakers?

If you hear crackling coming from the speaker, it may already be broken. If this is not the case, the interruption of the current poses the greatest threat to the speaker because it puts an excessive amount of strain on the voice coil, which, in turn, may cause damage to either the electrical or mechanical components of the speaker.

Cracked or fractured cones are a common source of mechanical damage. This occurs when the cones are overstretched due to unstable voice coil motions.

Because the speaker has sustained electrical damage, the voice coil has either been damaged or blown.

If you hear popping or crackling noises coming from the speaker, you should attempt to assign this speaker and not use it until the issue has been fixed.

If you do not take this precaution, you might damage not just the speaker but also other components of the audio system in your vehicle.


Why do my car speakers sound scratchy?

A battery that is getting on in years can need some battery fluid, a jump start, or a complete replacement. An overly noisy alternator or an ignition that isn’t working correctly are two more prevalent causes of excessive static noise.

It’s possible that the speakers are being disrupted by corroded spark plug wires or improper grounding.

How do you stop your speakers from popping?

Check that the speaker cables are correctly connected to the stereo receiver and speakers. Turn off any electrical gadgets in the immediate vicinity that might be causing sound interference with the speaker. Remove any electrical cables in the path of the speaker wires.

If the problem has not been fixed, you should reset the receiver to the settings that were present when it was first manufactured.


One of the most significant things you can do to make your drive more pleasant is to ensure that you have enjoyable music playing in your vehicle.

Many individuals make a few elementary errors, which might cause the speakers to distort when the volume is turned up to a high level or even occasionally when the book is turned down.

Some invest a lot of money in sophisticated sound systems, yet they can still not produce a precise output from their devices.

There might be several problems with how the automobile system is configured or even with the vehicle itself; nevertheless, if you follow these simple steps, you should be able to lessen the likelihood that the speakers will start to crackle.


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