Can Amazon Alexa call the police? How to Setup [Guide]

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Alexa Is a powerful virtual assistant which was developed by Amazon that uses natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide users with a variety of services.

It has now become a household name proving its essential nature to the users.

It was first introduced in 2014 as a feature of the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Now it has been integrated into a vast range of other devices including smartphones, smart home devices, and cars.

This has made it possible for users to interact with Alexa from any place, in any way they wish in the most convenient form for them.

One of the key benefits of Alexa is its ability to integrate with a wide variety of third-party services and devices. This is achieved through what Amazon calls “skills”.

The skills are the apps that allow Alexa to perform specific functions. There is a wide range of categories covered by these skills. They include categories from entertainment and productivity to health and fitness.

Currently, there are over 100000skills available for Alexa. This number of skills is expected to grow with time allowing Alexa to perform even more variety of tasks.

In addition to its skills, Alexa also has a wide range of built-in features and functions. For example, it can play music, control smart home devices, set reminders, answer questions, and even order products from Amazon. Users can interact with Alexa through voice commands, which are processed in the cloud and then sent back to the device for execution.

The natural language processing ability of Alexa means that it can understand a wide range of a variety of spoken commands even if they are phrased in an informal or unusual way.

Alexa does a great job when it comes to learning. One of the most impressive and useful features of Alexa is its ability to learn and adapt to its users over time. Alexa gradually learns as the users interact with Alexa.

It learns the user’s habits and preferences. It can use this learned information to provide a more personalized and relevant response which makes Alexa an intelligent and intuitive virtual assistant without a doubt, which can be tailored to each individual user’s needs.

Overall Alexa is a powerful and versatile virtual that has revolutionized the way we interact with technology.

Its integration with a wide range of devices and services, coupled with its natural language processing an adaptive learning capabilities, make it a vital tool to perform modern life tasks.


The fact that Alexa is able to call the police was confusing. The correct answer is that the ability depends on your location. In the United States, there are a few states where it is illegal for Amazon Echo devices to call 911.

But in many other locations, there is a possibility of adding the Amazon Echo Connect device to the current landline or VOIP service so that it can and does call the number 911.

Can Alexa dial 911?

You can use Alexa to make ongoing phone calls on its Echo speakers. You can gain access to multiple video calling options if you have got an Echo Show. But can Alexa dial 911 for you in an emergency?

Let’s find out.

You really cannot ask Alexa to call emergency services in most instances. In the US this is due to the regulatory compliance-FCC rules need that 911-capable devices provide both location data and a callback number which is theoretically possible for Alexa. But this is something that Amazon has not opted not to implement. Therefore It is advised to use a cellular phone or a landline in a serious emergency.

Using an Echo connect to call 911 could be used to overcome these limitations. This device links an Echo speaker to a landline. This turns it into an unrestricted speakerphone. You can find the preowned products on sites such as eBay though it is officially discontinued. The setup remains supported as well though you will have to use the Alexa web interface.

How to set up an emergency Alexa contact?


There is an alternative method that can be used if you have not got a landline and an Echo Connect. That is to ensure that you have an emergency contact attached to your Alexa account, like a loved one, a doctor, or even your neighbor. Then that person will call the emergency and will come to help you until the authorities arrive.

The following steps show how to use an emergency contact in Alexa.

First open the Alexa app for Android, iPhone, or iPad. Next, choose the ‘Communicate’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Then tap on the ‘contacts icon’(two people) which is found in the upper right corner. Then open the ‘triple dot menu’ in the upper right.

Select an ‘emergency contact’. if the option is not visible that means that option is not available in your region.

To create a new contact or select an existing contact follow the prompt. Adding emergency services like 911 is not possible here.

Anyone you select is going to receive a message informing them of your choice. You can ask Alexa to “call for help “or “call my emergency contact” if you need help.

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How do I cancel an emergency call to the police from Alexa?

If you want to cancel an emergency call to the police that was from an Alexa device there are a few simple steps that you have to follow. First, you may open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone.

Next chose the menu icon in the top left-hand corner of the app. From the list of ‘options’ you may select “settings. Then tap on “Alexa Account”. Below the “Emergency contacts,” the current emergency contact list being viewed.

If you want to remove one of these contacts, tap on the contact and select “remove”.

If in case you want to add a new contact you may scroll down to find the section called “add new emergency contact” and follow the instructions provided there.

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Can Alexa call emergency services?

Unless an Echo connect device is hooked up to a landline, it is impossible for Alexa to call the police. But you can set up your personal emergency contact and turn on the Alexa guard for home security.

Can Alexa send the police to your house?

Unless the steps are being followed in the answer to the previous question stated, you cannot expect Alexa to send police to your house.

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