3 Ways To Connect Sonos To Apple TV [To enjoy Apple TV]


In this guide, we are going to talk about How To Connect Sonos To Apple TV.

Both the Sonos and the Apple TV need to be set up before being linked together. Here’s a list of items to check to make sure you’re ready to connect Sonos to Apple TV:

Are you tired of the subpar sound quality of your Apple TV speakers? Connecting your Sonos speaker to your Apple TV can enhance your home theater experience with high-quality audio. This guide will walk you through the process of connecting your Sonos speaker to your Apple TV and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Can apple tv be played through sonos speakers?

It can be done. And it is a very simple process. In this guide we will talk about how to connect Sonos to Apple TV using different methods.

How to connect Sonos soundbar to Apple TV?

The easiest way for you to use Sonos through Apple TV is through a Sonos soundbar. Both Sonos Arc and Sonos Beam can connect to your TV with HDMI Arc. When the Sonos soundbar is set as your TV’s sound output, your Apple TV’s output is also output through sonos.

How to use Airplay to use Sonos speakers with your Apple TV?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a sonos sound bar. There is another way for you to do this. For this you need sonos speakers that support Airplay.

How to use AirPlay 2 to stream Sonos audio to Apple TV.

Step 1: First, from your Apple TV > hold the TV button > Open Control Center.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Airplay icon.

Step 3: Now go to the Airplay feature and select any AirPlay-compatible speakers you want to play audio from, including your sonos speaker.

Step 4: Now you can hear Apple TV broadcasts through Sonos.

How to use HDMI to use Sonos Speakers with Apple TV?

If you want to use an Apple TV with your Sonos Playbar or Sonos Arc, the fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K do not have optical audio-out connections, so this will need to be connected to the system.

  • First connect the Apple TV to an HDTV using an HDMI cable.
  • Download the Sonos Controller app now and Go to the settings.
  • Select your product.
  • Tap Allow.
  • Tap Allow location access.
  • Now confirm the access permission.
  • Now the App will start searching for devices. When you see your device there, tap it.
  • Now, connect the optical audio cable to the TV.

How to Wirelessly Connect Sonos to TV?

Sonos S (2)

The thing about this product is that you can connect Sonos speakers wirelessly. You don’t need wires to make a masterclass in sound. And you can put the speakers anywhere you want.

Sonos has to be the most unique and varied sound system. The important section is that you won’t have to run wires between all the speakers to make this amazing soundscape. You can do it over WiFi, and the Sonos app lets you control everything.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even though you’ll connect the speakers wirelessly, you might still need to use a wire to connect the main Sonos soundbar to your TV. But don’t worry, because here are three ways to do it wirelessly.

Best Way to Reset Sonos Beam

How to Connect Sonos to TV using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth is the easiest way to link your Sonos speakers to your TV. Only the Move and Roam models work with Bluetooth so you can use either one. Also, before you connect them, make sure that your TV has Bluetooth built-in.

But before you use Bluetooth with your TV, you should know that there may be a delay that you can see. It’s not a problem if you want to blast some music through the speakers, but it could be a doubt if you want to watch videos or movies.

The delay depends on several things, like the audio codec and the version of Bluetooth. If your Sonos speakers and TV help a newer Bluetooth standard, like Bluetooth 5.0, the delay is less noticeable, and you might not even notice it.

So, let’s talk about how to use Bluetooth to connect the Sonos speakers to your TV. First, make sure your TV’s Bluetooth is on.

Sonos S

Here’s how to connect the Sonos Move to your Bluetooth device

Start using Bluetooth. Your speaker has a Bluetooth/WiFi switch on the back. If you press where the Bluetooth symbol is on the left side of the button, the LED indicator will turn blue.

To turn on pairing mode, touch and hold the Bluetooth button. If you’re doing it right, the LED will flash, and the speaker will make a sound.

Connect to the TV’s speaker. Go to the Bluetooth settings on the TV and find the list of devices close by. It will be on the list as long as the Sonos Move is in pairing mode.

And now your Sonos Move can be used with your TV. Any sound coming from the TV now comes out of the speaker instead of the TV’s original speakers.

How to Connect Sonos to TV Using Sonos App

With the help of the Sonos app, a Sonos device can be connected wirelessly to a TV. *You can use the Sonos app on any phone or tablet to connect a Sonos device to your TV.

You do this when you want to hook up more than one Sonos speaker to your TV. You really should have at least one of the Sonos soundbars for this.

These are the steps:

  • Open the app for Sonos.
  • Go to the settings menu and choose “Connect.”
  • Once your Sonos device is connected to the Sonos app, you can connect it to a TV.
  • Connect your wireless Sonos device to the same WiFi network as your TV.
  • Now, connect all of your Sonos speakers to your Sonos soundbar.
  • The Sonos soundbar will be connected to the TV with an Aux cable, while the other Sonos speakers will be connected wirelessly to the soundbar.
  • Now, the Sonos app can control the volume of all the speakers at once.
Apple Music

The transmitter for an aptX HD BluetoConnect

In short, a Bluetooth transmitter is a device that adds Bluetooth connectivity to your TV by connecting it with a cable.

Using a Bluetooth transmitter has some unique benefits, such as:

Different audio codecs. Audio codecs are a type of software that can decode or encode sound. Some headphones and speakers only work with certain codecs. Also, the sound quality of some sound codecs is better than that of others.

Flexibility. Most Bluetooth transmitters can connect to your TV using different cables, so you won’t be stuck if you get a new TV—more in charge. You can’t choose what kind of Bluetooth your TV has, but you can get a Bluetooth transmitter with some features you need, like Bluetooth 5.0 or aptX HD.

Also, more than one Bluetooth device can be connected to it simultaneously. There is less delay, and the sound is better. Since Bluetooth transmitters are only Bluetooth devices, they can send signals to your Sonos speaker system more quickly and efficiently. Now you may be wondering which Bluetooth transmitter to buy.

There are a few to choose from, but the Avantree Oasis Plus Bluetooth Transmitter from Amazon.com is the one I would recommend. It’s a high-end model that supports aptX low latency, a must if you want to use it with the Sonos Move or Roam.

It also has a mode that lets you connect two Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously. You can connect the Move and Roam to the transmitter if you have both.

When you’ve had a long day, the last thing you want to do is watch a movie where the sound of an explosion comes in half a second late. The annoying delay makes watching a movie or watching many YouTube videos not fun at all.

Can Sonos speakers be connected to the TV?

All Sonos speakers can stream music from a Sonos Amp connected to a TV. Both the Sonos Arc and the Sonos Beam can connect using HDMI ARC.

The older Sonos Playbar and Playbase use a Digital Optical connection, while the Sonos Five uses a 3.5mm jack. Sonos One, Roam, and Sub can’t directly connect.

What speakers are AirPlay 2 compatible?

Sonos Move, Sonos One, Sonos Arc, Sonos One SL, Sonos Beam


    Can SoundCloud be played on Sonos?

    Yes, it can be done easily. For that you need to download and connect the Sonos app.

    Can I connect multiple Sonos speakers to my Apple TV?

    Yes, you can connect multiple Sonos speakers to your Apple TV.

    Can I use my Sonos Beam as a sound bar for my Apple TV?

    Yes, the Sonos Beam can be used as a sound bar for your Apple TV.

    Alexa Is Not Playing Apple Music

    If Alexa doesn’t play Apple Music, there are several possible reasons and solutions to try:

    1. Check the internet connection.
    2. Restart Amazon Echo.
    3. Updating the Amazon Alexa app and Apple Music app.
    4. Turn the Apple Music skill off and on again.
    5. Check the clear filter.


    Sonos is the best wireless speaker system for surround sound, and it takes home theater to the next level. Bluetooth lets Sonos audio devices connect wirelessly to a TV using the Sonos App. Or through an aptX Bluetooth transmitter that can also receive sound. Depending on how your TV is set up, you may need to use the app or the transmitter.


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