Does Amazon Alexa Require a Monthly Fee?

Amazon Alexa

Alexa is not a new thing for Amazon users. It is a voice assistant that lives inside Amazon’s Echo speakers. This intelligent virtual assistant was built into Amazon’s Echo devices, Amazon Alexa app, and several third-party smart speakers.

Alexa does not have a monthly fee. You can play radio stations, control smart home devices, communicate with other Echo devices, and ask questions by commanding Alexa.

How to use Amazon’s Alexa?


As already mentioned, there are three ways to use Alexa. Let’s check out each of them briefly.

With Amazon’s Range of smart speakers

Communicating via Amazon’s range of Echo smart speakers is the most common way of using Alexa. The Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Studio come under the Amazon Echo range. You can control them with your voice.

Eco Dot costs around $40. It is easy to bring powerful AI technology to your home with Echo Dot. Echo Studio comes for around $200.

With third-party smart speakers

Alexa works on several third-party devices other than Amazon-branded smart devices.

With the smartphone app

Amazon Alexa app is free to install on your iPhone or Android smartphone. You get access to all the features available on Echo and third-party smart speakers.

Does Amazon Alexa work without a subscription?


You can use Alexa without a prime subscription. You need to set up a free Amazon account. Then link it to all your Alexa-enabled devices. Now, you can run services between the devices.

What are the free things you can do with Alexa?

There are so many things that you can ask Alexa to do. Among the free things you can do in Alexa, controlling smart devices, asking questions, and playing radio stations are prominent.

Alexa commands are free to use. She helps to manage the calendar, check the traffic on your commute. You can ask anything from Alexa. She will search on the internet and answer your questions.

You can use Alexa to make calls and send messages. So you can get calls to Alexa devices in other houses. Anyone that has your number can make a call to your Alexa device. You can block unwanted incoming calls whenever needed. You can link with Vodaphone or EE and receive phone calls.

Controlling your smart home through the Alexa device is amazing. You can control lights, smart home devices, door locks, appliances, and other devices. Just ask Alexa to turn the lights on or off. The command will follow within a few seconds. Alexa can change the color of the color-changing bulbs.

It is a cool idea to have someone to cook for you. Alexa can’t cook for you. But she will make cooking easier without stress. You can ask for recipes from Alexa. She will get them from AllRecipes. You can set the time and ask Alexa about the time remaining.

If you are thinking more about fitness, then Alexa is there for you. Though she can’t work out on behalf of you, Alexa will guide you. Alexa will give fitness feedback. She will check on your FitBit stats, get nutritional info, and do a workout. Just command Alexa, she will help you.

It is difficult to find time to watch the news. So it will keep us away from the things happening in the outside world. Alexa can get the news for you. She has the Flash Briefing ability.

Alexa will keep the boring hours away from your kids. She has a full game set. Other than, playing games, Alexa will set timers and play music.

The third-party add-ons are available for more features. You can use Alexa skills too.

Why is Alexa free?

Amazon considers Alexa as the main part of their ecosystem like the Fire operating system. They try to supply Amazon-branded products to the consumers. Alexa comes free while other services like Amazon Music and Prime make money.

Alexa Features that are accessible via an Amazon Prime Account


You don’t need an Amazon Prime account to use Alexa. But you will miss some handy features you will miss by using only a free Amazon account.

Amazon Music Prime comes with an Amazon Prime membership. The Music experience allows you to stream tunes through the Alexa-enabled devices without ads.

Is Amazon Music come free for Alexa?

There is a free tier of Amazon Music in Alexa. It has a playlist that does not come in individual songs. Your music taste will be hindered by the ads too. You will find three main tiers in Amazon Music.

Amazon Music Free

You can freely access Amazon Music on Amazon-enabled devices and smartphones. More than 2 million songs are available in the music library. You can’t play individual songs. But playlists or radio stations are available here.

Amazon Music Prime

Amazon Music prime is quite similar to Amazon Music Free. Both of them have the same number of songs. But in Amazon Music Prime, you get individual tracks and are free from ads.

Amazon Music Unlimited

You can purchase Amazon Music Unlimited for a Prime subscription. It contains more than 70 million songs. Your music taste won’t be disturbed with ads in Amazon Music Unlimited.

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Ways to listen to music for free on Alexa

There are 3 ways to listen to music for free on Alexa.

Spotify Free

Spotify’s free tier is visible on Alexa devices. You need to create an account on Spotify and connect to the Alexa app. It has limited skips per hour. You can create a custom playlist in Spotify.


Say ‘Alexa, play (radio station)’ to access any DAB radio. It is free for you.

Bluetooth or AUX

Many Echo devices have built-in AUX inputs or Bluetooth. If you have an old-school collection of music on MP3s or CDs then Alexa can be used.



How much is an Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is available in the market. The version costs are similar to the starting price as in 2019. It costs about $129.99.

Is Amazon Music Free with Alexa?

As mentioned earlier, there’s no extra cost in Alexa for music.

Do I need WIFI to use Alexa as a speaker?

Wifi is not essential to use Alexa as a speaker. You can simply connect the device to the Bluetooth of the smartphone or tablet.

What is the best Alexa Smart Speaker?

The Amazon Echo provides a good balance between audio quality and price. It allows streaming of music, access to all Alexa’s commands, and finding out the latest news.

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