4 Ways To Fix Alexa Routines Not Working

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The ability to establish multiple routines is without a doubt one of Alexa’s most valuable capabilities. However, many consumers have complained that their routines are broken. Significantly, there might be a variety of factors at play here. It’s also conceivable that the issue isn’t with Alexa but with you. In any case, we’ll use today’s post to look at a few options for getting your Alexa routines back up and running. It is better to complete all of the steps outlined below to ensure that the problem is resolved

What Is Alexa Routine?

Routines in Alexa enable you to the group and automate several operations with a single trigger or voice command using the Alexa voice assistant. Instead, you may build a sequence of actions that will play in succession once one of five triggers has been activated: voice, schedule, device/location/alarm/echo button, and the echo button.

How To Fix Alexa Routine Feature


If Alexa does not react to your request to begin a routine, do not waste your time by repeating your request. Instead, choose one of these three alternatives.

1. Reset Your Alexa Routine

You should verify the wording in the app whether there are any problems in the language if you have a standard set for one area and the Alexa routine does not function. Additionally, double-check each stage of the routine to ensure that Alexa follows all of the necessary instructions. For Alexa to function correctly, it needs specific instructions as well as a good script. Suppose you want to wake up in the morning to dimmed lights. In that case, the coffee machine is already running, the curtains half-opened, and the radio playing at a gentle level, you’ll need to write down every step in plain English, right down to which radio station you want to listen to and at what volume you want it.

In most cases, it will fix your issue. And, if your problem continues, the best course of action is to reset the Alexa procedure. Delete the old one and begin writing a new one from the beginning. Your Alexa will now start to function as expected.

2. Check If Alexa Is Connected to All of Your Routines

To ensure that all of your routines are linked to Alexa, the second thing you need to do is double-check them. Remember that a single Alexa device is intended to do a single task or perform a routine. If you have several Echo devices, you may use the Alexa application to determine which of your routines is tied to which Echo device. In addition, to associate the Echo device with an Alexa routine, you must complete the routine setup for each device on the network. Another thing to check is that you complete all of the appropriate procedures for setting up an Alexa routine using your app’s interface.

3. Check the Routine for All Echo Devices

If you have one Echo device (available on Amazon), Alexa will have no trouble carrying out your daily routine. However, if you have many Alexa devices in your house, your routine will only be linked to a single Alexa device during the whole process. For example, if your bedroom Echo device is linked to the same routine as your living room Echo device, your bedroom Echo device will not activate. With many devices, your goal will be to link all Echo devices to the precise Alexa routine you have created. One method of using the Alexa application and setting up the exact process for every device. To ensure that the habit remains consistent, you’ll need to repeat all the stages from the beginning.

4. Alexa Customer Support


If you’ve tried everything and still can’t seem to resolve the problem, you should contact their customer care. You may do this with the Alexa app. The difficulty you are experiencing may be classified into one of the following categories: The Alexa customer support will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the issue.



How Do I Reset Routines in Alexa?

While there is no way to reset routines with Alexa, you may either transfer the activities to a fresh new routine or entirely erase the routine and start over from the beginning with a brand new routine. To perform any of these things, pick the routine in the Alexa app, click the three-dot settings menu, and select either ‘Copy actions to new routine’ or ‘Delete routine’ from the drop-down menu.

Do Alexa Routines Work Automatically?

Alexa routines can be executed automatically if they are configured appropriately. You may pick a trigger, which might be based on a particular time of day or smart home equipment such as sensors or thermometers, among other things. However, other voice routines are activated when you utter a specific phrase in a particular order. Alexa’s application allows you to customize the triggers.

What Do You Do if Alexa Isn’t Responding?

To determine if your Echo or Alexa device is listening by hitting the action button and waiting for a response, if your device is not responding, try pressing the action button again to see if you receive a response from the device. You might also try stating, “Did you hear what I said?” If Alexa does not reply after 30 seconds, disconnect the Echo, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in.

How Many Alexa Routines Can I Have?

In your Alexa account, you may have up to 99 different routines.

Why is my Alexa not making calls?

Whether your device isn’t functioning with Alexa, check if you have the most recent version of the Alexa App installed. You may also verify your internet connection to ensure that you are connected to the internet and working correctly.

How many skills can you add to the Alexa routine?

There are over two dozen categories to choose from, each with more than 100,000 individual Skills to allow you completely personalize and manage your life with Alexa’s voice commands.


It may be highly disruptive to your daily plan if your Alexa routine does not function, particularly if you want to stick to a rigid schedule. You should be able to recover your Alexa routines using the information provided above. Remember to verify your messages, double-check your connections with other Alexa devices, and contact customer service if you have any questions. Alexa is a clear and easy-to-use program. Any answers will be rapid and straightforward to implement. And also, your Alexa routines will be up and running in no time.


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