5 Ways to Fix Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights Problem

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In this guide, we are going to talk about 5 Ways to Fix Vizio Sound Bar Flashing White Lights Problem

Vizio sound bars are among the most effective available on the market. Although Vizio is a famous brand among audiophiles on a tight budget, the company is not without its share of software and hardware issues. Problems with the soundbar’s software, interference from other devices, or even its settings if they have been recently modified are the most common causes of the flashing lights. Because Vizio makes and sells a large number of various soundbars, troubleshooting techniques may change from device to device. It is usually advisable to consult the original handbook before resolving an issue.

What Is The Source Of The Flashing Lights On The Vizio Soundbar?

When there is a problem with the system, your Vizio soundbar will begin to flash. It is a warning informing you that a problem has to be addressed. Listed below are some examples of these potential problems:

  • There was a problem with the Bluetooth connection.
  • There is an issue with the audio input signal.
  • Settings that are faulty or corrupted
  • If the soundbar is in the shop demo mode, it will not work.

How Can I Resolve The Flashing Lights On My Vizio Soundbar Problem?


Remove any previously modified settings from your computer.

Is your Vizio soundbar emitting a strobe of white light? You may be dealing with an issue caused by the wrong settings. If you have recently made changes to your system’s configuration, you are more likely to encounter this issue. You may try turning the soundbar off and on again to see if it helps resolve the problem. This may cause the machine to reboot, which may be necessary to correct certain erroneous settings. However, if this approach does not work, you may be required to make manual changes to the configuration. Go back to the previous set of settings and make the necessary changes. If this still doesn’t work, go through all of the settings and look for areas where there could be an issue. Then repair it there.

Make sure your sound bar’s Bluetooth connection is working properly.

When your soundbar detects a problem with the Bluetooth connection, it will flash its lights to notify you of the problem. The error may be caused by the devices’ un-pairing or another problem interfering with the connectivity. To resolve the issue, press and hold the Bluetooth button for around five seconds until the problem is resolved. This will put the soundbar into pairing mode, resulting in the lights on the soundbar blinking up and down. However, the blinking lights will cease to function upon connecting to a device.

Reset the soundbar’s Volume.

Are you still experiencing problems with the lights on your soundbar flashing? Then you may try resetting the system to see if it helps. Here’s how to reset any Vizio soundbar that you may have. The reset will clear off all of the soundbar’s settings and preferences, restoring it to its factory defaults. Press and hold the Volume down and Bluetooth buttons on your Vizio soundbar at the same time to perform a factory reset. Wait about five seconds before releasing them. Also, if the reset is successful, the LED lights will cease to flash. You may shut down and restart the soundbar to finish the procedure when you’re finished.

Reset the audio input settings to their default values.

This is a problem if you have a Vizio soundbar with flickering input lights. You’re dealing with a problem with the audio input. This happens when the input parameters are changed for whatever reason. Consequently, the soundbar begins cycling through all of the inputs in search of the location where the sound source has been attached. As a result, the white lights in the input lights portion begin to flash due to the action.

And, it is possible to resolve the issue by resetting the input settings. Press and hold the “Input” and “Volume up” buttons at the same time for around five seconds to get the desired result. Release the controls to enable the reset procedure to be completed, and the lights will cease flashing once the process is complete. Afterward, choose the appropriate audio source for the soundbar by pressing F1.

Exit the demo mode of the shop.

Another possibility for why your Vizio soundbar’s lights are flashing is because it is in demo mode. As a result, most functionalities are disabled in this mode, often used in shops to run the system.

As a result, if your soundbar is locked in this mode, you may notice that it is acting up and that the lights on the front are flashing as a warning.

Fortunately, it is a straightforward problem to resolve. Especially, the quickest and most convenient method is to utilize the menu options on your remote or mobile app to quit the mode. If none of these alternatives are accessible, you may exit the mode by pressing the hard buttons on your keyboard. This may be accomplished by pressing and holding the Bluetooth and Input buttons simultaneously for about five seconds. The LED lights will blink four times and then turn off – if the lights only flash once, repeat the procedure until the lights blink four times.

What Causes The White Flashing Of The Vizio Soundbar Light?

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Vizio soundbars are equipped with controls that allow you to tailor the sound to your specific needs. These settings may get mixed up, and as a consequence, the soundbar will begin to make white flashes.

There might be various factors contributing to the soundbar’s abrupt malfunction. The same thing may happen to every Vizio soundbar, although we don’t expect every soundbar to be affected by the same cause for flashing. If your soundbar begins to flash white lights, don’t be alarmed; it is not a significant problem, and you will not need to replace your soundbar permanently. It’s an issue that can be resolved, and you can always search up more information on YouTube to get further understanding.


If your soundbar is emitting flashing lights, the reasons and remedies listed above are some that you could consider trying. The procedures are guaranteed to work on most of the difficulties plaguing your computer system. If the issue continues, you should contact Vizio customer service, and they will provide you with extra troubleshooting assistance.

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