Best Way to use your Google Home as a Baby Monitor [Guide]


In this guide, we are going to talk about how to use your Google Home as a Baby Monitor.

Can I use Google home as a baby monitor?

Yes, Google Home has a number of ways to monitor your child. You can soothe your baby by playing music and playing animal sounds.

How to set up Google Home Mini as a baby monitor?

  • First place your Google Home Mini device near the child.
  • Now download the Google Home app on your phone. And open it.
  • Go to the settings of the APP
  • Go to the “Accessibility” section
  • Go to “Visual and Sound Notifications” and turn on “Sound Notifications”.
  • Now go back to the previous screen and click on “Speaker” and turn the volume to maximum.
  • Now, you can turn on Google Home Mini and use your phone to listen to your child.
  • Once this is set you can listen to the child.
  • What you should be aware of in this process is the absence of a camera on Google Home. Therefore, you only hear the child’s voice.

You can soothe your baby by playing soothing music and singing lullabies.

Google Home As A Monitor

Google Home


  • Turn on and off the light.
  • When you call Home, all of the connected devices to Duo will ring.
  • Messages are broadcast in your own Home through loudspeakers.
  • Adjust the heat’s thermostat
  • View images from cameras. Here, you can connect several cameras.
  • Manage WLAN

On the other hand, Google Home reminds you of important things right on your phone, or you can have the last 30 days or 48 hours show up again in the same order.

Also, similar devices can be set up as Google Home in the Home and run all commands that start with “Okay, Google” as long as they are in the settings.

Is Google Home with these functions suitable as a baby monitor?


If you have a child, especially one who is still a baby or toddler, you want to make sure it is healthy, even if it is sleeping alone in its room in a crib. But going in and out of the room always wakes up the child.

Because of this, many parents use baby monitors, which let them know when the baby moves, starts to babble, or even screams. A transmitter is put next to the bed, and the receiver can always be with you in the apartment or house.

This is often annoying and doesn’t tell you much. Normal baby monitors only let you hear noises in the room. You can’t see what your child is doing, so you must look in the nursery.

You may also wonder if it makes sense to use Google Home as a baby monitor and put one of the cameras here in the nursery. But this plan will only work to a certain extent because the receiver of the camera images needs to be on all the time for the baby to be watched safely in the nursery.

A camera must also be bought so that the greenhouse can be managed. Only the Google Home Assistant, which you turn on by saying “Okay, Google,” is not enough for this, unfortunately.

Cameras that Work the Best with Google Home Hub

In addition to the traditional baby monitors used in the past, there are now so-called “smart” baby monitors with a camera. There are, of course, a lot of manufacturers here.

But in the end, they are all made the same way. The gadget in the child’s room responds to noises and movements. In this case, a signal is sent to the monitor, which should be close to you.

This can be your phone, but most intelligent baby monitors also work with Alexa and will soon work with Google Home.

Playing music and sounds with your Google Nest Hub

Your Google Nest Hub, which can do more than one thing, has a built-in microphone and speaker. So you can easily play music on your Google Nest device to keep your baby interested in different sounds.

And also, using simple voice commands, you can tell your device to play various sounds that can help you and your baby sleep better.

How to Use Google Home to Keep an Eye on Your Baby?

Google Home is like Alexa systems in that it can help you around the house and remind you of things like appointments or other things you can control with just your voice.

Anyone with a smartphone that works with Google can put Google Home on their phone. You can already talk to Google, give it different commands, and set the search function from this page.

If Google has access to the phone’s calendar, appointments, documents, and other personal settings, asking for what you want will show it on the screen.

To do this, you must always say “Okay, Google” first. Google will then answer your questions and open the documents on your phone that match them.

Google Home is one step ahead of the Google app on smartphones. There is the Google App, which can be linked to several household devices.

So, you can keep an eye on your Home from your phone, even when you’re not there. This is especially useful if you’ve added more cameras.

Even though Google Home Mini isn’t a camera and can’t be used as a microphone, you can still use it as a baby monitor by connecting it to the Home Hub.

If you didn’t get one with your Google Home Mini, you’d need to buy a Google Home Hub.

Can I use Google Home as a listening device?

After setting up your Google Home, you might want to use it to play music. You can use a Google Home as a regular Bluetooth speaker and use your phone to play the song you want to hear. Tell Google what theme you want to hear with your voice.

Are baby monitors compatible with Google Home?

Yes, most baby monitors are compatible with Google Home.


Google Home can be used in some ways like a baby monitor, but it can’t be used as a baby monitor by itself. On the other hand, simple baby monitors don’t watch all around but only turn on when they hear sounds. So, if the toddler needs to be completely safe in his nursery, a combination would be best. Then, whenever it makes sense, the Google Home-installed video camera can be used to watch the nursery.

The baby monitor picks up sounds from the room of the child. If you hear something here that you need to check, you can do so from a different room with Google Home. If you need to, you have to go to the nursery only after everything has been checked. This way of checking on the child’s room gives parents the peace of mind that they can leave their child alone in bed for a few hours without checking on him all the time. So, the baby’s sleep won’t be interrupted unless necessary.

If the camera is set to look straight at the crib, the Google Home app can show the movie playing at any time. Smart baby monitors with a camera and a matching receiver are an excellent alternative. They don’t need Google Home or anything else like that.


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