How Do I Add My Business To Amazon Alexa ?


The enigmatic laughing Alexa has been difficult to miss lately. The headlines “Alexa’s laughing at us” and “Amazon assistant Alexa not yet a domestic goddess” was widely circulated on social media. Videos showing unprompted, “creepy,” and “spontaneous” laughter from voice-controlled home appliances was uploaded by Amazon customers.

Voice activation is perfect for takeout on the couch and idle evenings. Dominos was quick to respond, and in addition to placing voice orders for pizza, you can now enter your preferred Domino’s pizza and have it saved for future voice orders. Whirlpool introduced speech-activated home appliances in response to a previous Alpine AI survey that ranked “home automation” as the second-most popular voice device feature.

Since the end of 2016, Siri has been able to ask for Uber updates and rides, and now Alexa and Google Home also offer this functionality. Since 2016, PayPal has also enabled voice commands through Siri on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 10 to transfer and request money from contacts. Siri links with the PayPal app to make this available in 30 countries and displays a transaction summary before your approval.

How to get listed on Amazon Alexa


Amazon Alexa is the third-largest voice assistant, with a 25% voice search market share. How can you get your company listed there?
Consumers are increasingly using voice search to find answers online, which is happening slowly but gradually. It is anticipated that voice searches will account for 50% of all Internet searches by the end of 2020.

Forty million Americans currently own a smart speaker for the home. The expectation is that by 2022, more than 50% of US households will have one (Review 42). Voice assistants power smart speakers. And also, it’s not surprising that more and more entrepreneurs are looking for ways to advertise their companies.

Make your business information accessible.

Like other voice search tools, Amazon Alexa collects business data from the relevant directories. You must ensure that your information is accessible and complete on the directories accessed by Amazon Alexa if you want the greatest amount of exposure.

Your company’s information can be synced to the directories available by Amazon Alexa via a voice listing service like Voice Command.

Claim your voice search business listings

For voice search optimization, claiming your online presence is essential. Ensure that you have claimed your Amazon Alexa-accessed voice search business listing.

To reach a wider audience, you should also claim your company listings on Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant. Regardless of the voice search platform employed for a voice search, your clients will continuously find the same information.

Get a business listing on Amazon Alexa now.

A company listing on Amazon Alexa is possible using voice command. They achieve this by adding information about your company—including its address, telephone number, list of items and services it provides, if it offers delivery, and more—to Amazon Alexa’s directories to search for local businesses. For many organizations, voice search is unfamiliar ground. Voice Command is here to assist with its one-of-a-kind SEO strategies and creative concepts.

Capitalize on your reviews

Only establishments with a rating of four stars or higher would appear in a voice search for “the best Italian restaurant.” You must produce reviews for your organization if you want clients to consider it when looking for the best. With a review management platform’s assistance, creating reviews can be simple.

People frequently look up a local business when using voice search. It is easy to think that when searching for a certain item or store, most consumers utilize the phrase “near me.” Utilize this to your fullest potential by localizing your content. This is simple to accomplish by putting your location information on your website and in directories that Amazon Alexa can access and then making sure that other facts, including contact information, are also available.

Use the right keywords.

Long-tail keywords are spoken searches with more words, frequently 2-3 times longer than text searches. Instead of short phrases, they often type people and search using complete queries or statements. Long-tail keywords should be considered when constructing your keyword list for phrases to include in the content of your website.

Build an FAQ s page

Contrary to how most people use search engines, voice searches are typically conducted in a conversational tone. How much does a Big Mac cost in New York is a common voice search query in place of common search terms like “Big Mac pricing NY.”

By using a Frequently Asked Questions website, you have the chance to increase traffic to your company. By anticipating the inquiries your clients will make, you make it simpler for voice search assistants to locate details about your company and deliver them to your prospective clients.


How do I get Alexa to recognize my business?

You can either register for Yext or claim and improve your business’s Yelp page to have Alexa list your company. The main informational sources for results in Alexa’s near me voice search are Yext and Yelp.

How much does it cost to register your business with Alexa?

The price of Alexa for Business depends on how many shared devices you register and how many people your company has signed up with. Each enrolled user pays $3 per month, with a $7 monthly fee for each shared device. The US East (N. Virginia) region offers Alexa for Business.


Amazon claims to be aware of the cause. Alexa can reportedly occasionally hear “Alexa, laugh” when other words are said nearby. In a statement, they said they would disable the command and replace it with the phrase “Alexa, can you laugh?” She would reply, “Sure, I can laugh.” That’s it, I suppose.

Especially there are currently more than one billion voice searches each month across devices, according to Alpine AI’s estimations from January 2018. Your company ought to become involved with those kinds of numbers. The most popular brands are already innovating.


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