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Owlet is a popular brand among pregnant women and mothers around the world. The Owlet Smart Socks monitor a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels but are not marketed as a medical device.

According to the FDA, smart socks should be marketed as a medical device, and the company must obtain Regulatory approvals to do so.

Every parent understands the feeling of wanting to check on their newborn baby, especially during the night. Are they getting enough rest? Is their breathing okay?

You want anything to give you peace of mind that your child is safe, healthy, and happy. The Owlet Smart Sock has given some parents peace of mind.

Owlet with Alexa how to connect


Unfortunately, Owlet cannot be linked to Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other digital assistant. Owlet has its own setup and mobile app that works completely independently of devices such as Alexa or its apps.

Wait, just because Owlet products aren’t Alexa-compatible doesn’t mean they’re difficult to use.

Instead, we believe that anyone can utilize those easily via their official app. All you need to identify is how their app works.

Why Can’t You Connect the Alexa Owlet?

Everyone’s first thought on reading this is why you can’t connect Owlet to Alexa. After all, almost every product those certain days, from blenders to vacuum cleaners, is Alexa-compatible.

People complete all of their tasks using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Only the company knows the exact answer. However, from what we’ve seen, it’s since they already have an official app. As a result, they do not allow other applications to cause problems for their own app.

How Does Owlet Work on a Smartphone?

Most Owlet customers use a variety of smartphone devices and operating systems. And they have tested their iOS and Android apps on the most recent operating systems to achieve the highest possible user experience. Please keep your device’s operating system and the Owlet App up to date to ensure the most stable performance.

Their current applications may become less stable on older versions of device operating systems as we continue our software development efforts. The Owlet App is only available for devices that run the operating systems of iOS 14 or higher and Android 10 or higher.

Compatibility of Owlet Products with Smart Devices

The most frequently asked inquiry about Owlet products is whether they are compatible with smart devices, —, especially voice assistants.

In terms of smart device compatibility, Owlet products are currently only compatible with smartphones running the iOS and Android operating systems.

Both the Owlet app (available on both the Play Store and the App Store) and the operating system should be kept up to date for the best results. Owlet products are also iPad- compatible (running on iOS 9.3 or above).

Owlet products cannot be monitored via tablets because they are not designed for this purpose.

Furthermore, Owlet products do not work with smartwatches, smart speakers, desktop computers, or even voice control assistants.

Google Home with Owlet

Google Home

At that point in time, you won’t be able to directly pair the Google Home voice assistant with Owlet. Regardless of that, some users have used custom applications to connect these two devices, but the connection is not very reliable.

Besides this, the custom application will only allow you to access a limited number of features. As a result, there is no direct method of connecting these devices, and developing a custom application will be far too time-consuming for you.

On the other hand, if you have decent programming skills, going with the Owlet and Google Home combo is not a bad idea. You’ll receive updates via your mobile device’s app as well as the Home Assistant. You can also check the vitals by simply asking the voice assistant.

So, if you have the time to create an app, the code is available on GitHub underneath the name Owlet Google Assistant, and you can easily host your own project.

If you want to avoid the work of developing a new application, the majority of customers recommend going with a Nest camera.

So, if you’re not sure about the Owlet unit and need a camera with motion sensors, the Nest camera is a good option. This camera will also have night vision capabilities, but you will not be able to monitor the baby’s vitals.

There aren’t many Google Home-compatible baby monitoring accessories on the market. The same is true for Owlet, and the only way to pair it with Google Home is to create a custom application.

Aside from that, you don’t have many options, but you can always request Google Home compatibility from the Owlet developers.

Owlet is compatible with which Devices?

The Owlet companion app for Android is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher. The Owlet companion app is available for iOS devices running iOS 9.3 or later, including the iPad 2nd generation or newer, iPad mini, iPod 5th generation or newer, and iPhone 4s or newer.

Can you have multiple devices with Owlet?

Yes, you can log into the app from multiple devices. But you all have to log in with the same password and email.

Does Owlet work without WiFi?

Yes, the Owlet Baby Monitor will still work if your Wifi connection goes down. You can watch the recording later.

Are there any baby monitors that work with Alexa?

Arlo Baby

Arlo Baby

The eye-catching green bunny ears are what initially set this 1080p HD baby monitor apart from the competition. You can also purchase accessories to transform it into a kitten or puppy.

However, its nursery-friendly exterior conceals a slew of far more impressive high-tech features.

When motion or audio is detected, you can instruct the app to record video or take a snapshot. Push notifications or emails can be used to send alerts.

The app can also be customized to your liking, with options ranging from 360p to a high-resolution 1080p video resolution to the camera’s field of view, which can be set from 90 to 130 degrees. It also allows you to pause the live stream, take a screenshot, and record video on demand.

In comparison to the other devices in our test, the app setup was very simple – a few clicks and a simple pairing with the QR code and we were ready to go. You can then monitor your baby using your smartphone (you’ll receive push notifications if your baby moves or cries), a tablet, or an Echo Show Skill.

That means you can watch the feed on Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Fire TV (second generation). A Google Assistant integration for Google Home and Chromecast support is also in the works.

There are three user plans to choose from, including the free version we tested, which provides seven days of video memory in the Cloud and records up to 1GB of footage when motion is detected.

On this plan, up to five cameras can be linked, allowing you to have a camera within every room.

Nest Cam Indoor


Although not a dedicated baby monitor, the older Nest Cam Indoor is an excellent substitute. Aside from having all of the necessary technology for a good monitor, you’ll have a great smart camera elsewhere in your home when the baby grows up.

The Nest Cam Indoor easily has the best visual quality in our test, with stunning 1080p resolution. It also has night vision and noise detection, so you can get a push notification to your phone or smartwatch when there’s crying to deal with – useful if you leave the room to self-medicate with some more wine.

What is Owlet brand

Owlet is a baby care brand that creates connected products to give parents peace of mind when it comes to their baby’s health and safety. The brand was founded in 2013 by a team of parents and experienced engineers and healthcare professionals, who wanted to create a product that would help parents monitor the health of their babies. The brand’s flagship product, the Owlet Smart Sock, is a wearable baby monitor that tracks a baby’s heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep. The Smart Sock sends real-time information to the companion mobile app, so parents can keep an eye on their baby from anywhere.

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