How to connect Govee lights to Alexa [Making Your Life Smarter]

How to connect Govee lights to Alexa

Govee intelligent lights are straightforward to set up. It would help if you connected the power adapter to the light strips and put them where you need them. But you can’t make the light strip too long by adding too many lights. Look in the user guide to determine how long the light strip should be for your brand.

You can also link these lights to Alexa or Google Home to control them with your voice. Let’s talk about how to use the Alexa app to set up your lights.

How to Connect Govee Lights to Alexa?


First, use the adapter that came with the box to plug your LED lights into a power source. Then, get the Govee app from the App store. Open the Govee app and sign in with your account information.

If you haven’t already made one, it’s easy to sign up by using your Google account. After you log in, you’ll be taken to the home screen of the Govee app.

If you just downloaded the app for the first time, you probably won’t see any devices on the home screen. To add the LED lights to the Govee app, click the plus sign in the upper right corner. Then, look at the list of intelligent lighting and click on the model number of the light you bought. Now, your app will use Bluetooth to connect to your LED strip. Once the device is connected to the app, you can also give it a new name.

At this point, you’ll be told how to connect the LED strip lights to your Wi-Fi. Just enter your login information and make sure the router channel is set to 2.4Ghz and not 5.0Ghz, or your LED lights won’t connect.

Now you can use the Govee app on your phone to control your LED strips.

After the lights are connected to your Govee app, you need to open the Alexa app on your phone and search for the Govee skill. Add the Govee skill to your Alexa app and press the “Enable” button.

Make sure to link the account you created when you first signed up for the Govee app. Now, you have to do is follow the instructions on the Alexa app.

Set up the name of the device and the voice commands you want to use to make your LED lights unique. Set up different orders for each set of lights you will use around the house.

After everything is set up, use the voice command to ensure everything is in order.

If you’re not sure what to do, you can watch a tutorial on YouTube or use the “Using guidance” feature on the Govee app. So, all you have to do to set up your LED lights is follow the app’s instructions. If you have a problem, contact customer service so they can help you fix it.

You can send them an email or open a support ticket and wait for a response from the support team. You can also ask for a replacement order if your warranty is still good.

Command Govee through Alexa

  • The “Govee Home” app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Sign up for Govee Home or log in to your account
  • Go to the “My Devices” page on Govee Home and add your device there.
  • Open the “Alexa” app, look for the “Govee Home” skill, and sign in to your Govee Home account to turn it on.
  • Now you can control your device via Alexa!

Does Govee Bluetooth work with Alexa?


Alexa usually can’t connect to devices that use Bluetooth. One different thing is a certain kind of Philips Hue bulb. SwitchBot sensors are the only other ones that don’t connect directly. Instead, they use a Bluetooth hub that connects to Wi-Fi.

Why won’t my Alexa connect to my Govee lights?

Wi-Fi Connection problems

You bought the Govee LED lights, but you can’t figure out how to connect them to your Wi-Fi. There are some reasons why your LED lights might not be able to connect to your wireless network. There are some of the most common ones to help you figure out what the problem is so you can fix it quickly.

First, you must ensure you are entering the correct information. They care about the case, so you must be careful when typing in your password. Make sure that all the capital letters and small letters are in the correct order. Next, you’ll want to check how well your Wi-Fi signal is getting through.

Sometimes, your Govee LED lights won’t connect to your Wi-Fi because the signal strength isn’t strong enough. You can check if other devices have trouble getting a signal there. If so, you might want to move the router closer to your smart device so the signal can reach it.

The colors of LEDs don’t change

Another problem that often comes up when people use the Govee LED lights is that the LED strip can’t show some colors. It could be one color or more than one. Blue is the color that most often goes wrong. This is because LED lights need more voltage to show blue than to offer any other color.

Alexa Doesn’t Work

It doesn’t often happen that people can’t use their bright lights with voice commands or the Alexa app. Most of the time, this isn’t because something is wrong with your LED lights. Instead, it’s because the app has a minor bug. You can fix this problem in a few different ways.

If you’re having this problem, you’ll need to disconnect the LED light from your Alexa app and clear all app data. Go to your phone’s settings and look for “App settings” to do this. Find and click on the Alexa app.

Why is the device unresponsive on Alexa?

After doing a lot of research on how to solve this problem, I found some reasons why it keeps happening.

  • Cables are not set up right:
  • It’s possible that your Alexa device won’t operate if one or more of its cords aren’t connected correctly.
  • Don’t Have Wi-Fi? Let’s Fix It!
  • If your internet connection is slow, your Alexa device might not work well. If so, your Alexa device won’t be able to connect and won’t work as you want it to.
  • The echo device is not working right because it’s not in the right place.
  • If your Alexa Echo device is not close enough to your router to connect to it, Alexa won’t respond. This is likely to happen with your Echo Dot because it is smaller and could have been set aside.

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