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In this guide, we are going to talk about How To turn on Alexa To Loop A Song

The ability to repeat music playing on your Amazon Echo devices, whether an individual song or a playlist, is one of the most valuable capabilities of the Amazon Alexa platform.

You can also (sort of) loop tracks that start from routines, although there are some limitations. This article will depict to you how to accomplish it. “Alexa, turn on loop mode,” you may say to your Amazon Echo to make a music loop.

You can, however, do a lot more, such as looping playlists.

How to get Alexa to loop a song? Simply

Start playing the song: Then say (“Alexa, play [song name]”).

How to Make Alexa Repeat a song over and over: Play a song. Say “Alexa, loop mode on.”

can Alexa play one song on repeat?

Yes, Alexa can play songs on repeat. This can be activated in Alexa in various ways.

What Is Alexa Loop Mode

Alexa’s loop function is one of the many useful features that enable users to play music again.

Because Echo is primarily a smart speaker, it is popular among smart home users who want to listen to their best-loved music anytime.

As a result, Alexa is compatible with most music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and others.

A user may utilize this function to loop a specific song for as long as he wants. He just needs to activate Alexa’s loop mode.

How To Turn On Loop Mode In Alexa?

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And, turning on loop mode in Alexa is a straightforward process. Here, you have to do is speak to Alexa with a voice command.

It’s as easy as telling Alexa to “switch on Loop Mode.” Alexa will loop the music that is presently playing after you say this.

You may also instruct Alexa to play a song in loop mode before playing it. You must, however, indicate the music that will be looped.

How To Loop Individual Songs On Alexa

  1. It’s simple to loop your new favorite music (or just a tune to irritate everyone else in the house!)
  2. “Alexa, play [song name],” for example, “Alexa, play Baby Shark.” “Playing ‘Baby Shark’ on Amazon Music,” your Echo will respond.
  3. Then you say “Alexa, loop mode on” as the music starts, and Alexa responds with “Alexa, loop mode on.”
  4. That concludes our discussion. To put it another method, all you have to do now is say, “Alexa, turn on repeat mode.” After the desired music has been completed, it will continue to play on repeat. You may deactivate the recurring music in two ways if you become tired of it:
  5. “Alexa, stop” – this will entirely stop the music from playing and remove any ‘loop mode’ settings. In other words, the following requested song will not repeat itself; instead, it will play once as usual.
  6. “Alexa, turn off loop mode” – the music will continue to play, but it will no longer repeat. As a result, after it has done playing, it will no longer loop. If you still want to hear the finish of the music, this is an excellent choice since “Alexa, stop” might be jarring.

How to stop alexa loop mode

  • First, open the Alexa App on the phone.
  • Open Devices
  • Select All Devices
  • Then select Echo Loop.
  • Then select Deregister.

Can You Loop Playlists?

You may also use Loop Mode to loop whole playlists. Also, it is a handy feature. For example, if you have a sleep or study track or want some party background music that continues playing on its own, it might be convenient.

How to loop a playlist in Alexa?

  • First of all, download Amazon Music and open it.
  • Go to the “Library” tab.
  • Tap the “+ new playlist” official button.
  • Now, name the playlist as you want
  • You can find and add the music you want by pressing the “+” sign.
  • After adding it, say, “Alexa, Play on loop.”
  • Then, the playlist will start looping.

Benefits Of Looping Songs And Playlists

  • A looping song is one in which the music stops and then resumes again, and it is in repeat mode.” And also, the same is true for playlists: whether you have 1-2 songs or 50 songs in a playlist, it will resume playing after it has been completed. This method of looping music has a lot of advantages and applications.
  • If you just discovered new music that you like, you may play it again without having to say “Alexa, play [song title]” every few minutes. It is also true of your youngsters, who may wish to listen to Baby Shark or Gummy Bear over and over again – a possible irritation, but thankfully, loop mode exists to make this procedure easy!
  • You may just play the same audio over and again as sleep noise at night. I’ve previously discussed how sleep sounds may enhance sleep quality, and being able to purchase a one-time 99 sleep sound file and play it on repeat is far less expensive than paying monthly for a sleep sound/music subscription.
  • Furthermore, if you’re hosting a party and want some background music, creating a playlist is simple, and you won’t have any issues with Alexa/Google Assistant playing strange tunes. When the playlist is finished, it will either cease playing music or play a song radio’. In this instance, it’s much preferable to loop the playlist to repeat itself from the beginning.
  • Songs and playlists may also be looped into a routine (with certain restrictions), enabling you to create smart home automation chains that incorporate recurring music. It is convenient at night to play music for a certain amount of time (or all night) without remembering and mentioning the name of the sleep soundtrack each night. Simply incorporate it into a routine (including turning on the lights) and repeat it throughout the night.

Loop mode not working on Alexa

Alexa’s loop mode is sometimes very useful. But there are many cases where this feature doesn’t work.

Then, it is most likely caused by Wifi and Internet problems. Check it out then turn your Echo Loop off and on again, quit the Alexa app and try again, turn off your phone’s Bluetooth, and try again. Then select Echo Loop from the list to reconnect it.

If that doesn’t work, try resetting the Eco device, restarting it, changing the internet, etc.

Why can’t I repeat songs on Alexa anymore?

You can’t do that anymore if you have Prime Music, you have to upgrade to Music Unlimited to do that.



Can you loop an Alexa routine?

Let’s imagine you want to construct a morning routine that includes a series of acts to assist you in waking up. Tap the Schedule icon, then tap the At Time input a second time. Set a timer for a certain period. If you want to repeat the routine, tap Repeat and then set a specified interval. Don’t forget to tap Done—Tap Next on the Set Time screen.

Why does Alexa quit playing music?

Wi-Fi connection is one problem that might be causing the music to stop playing on the Amazon device. When music lags or does not play, you may do a few things to enhance Wi-Fi access. The Echo, Dot, or other Alexa devices may be suffering congestion if there are multiple other devices connected to the Wi-Fi. Turning off any gadgets that aren’t in use may help to alleviate Wi-Fi congestion. Move the Alexa device away from a source of interference, such as a Bluetooth device or a cordless phone. Moving the Alexa device to a higher place might help address the issue by improving the Wi-Fi connection.

My Loop Mode is Not Working!

If your loop mode isn’t functioning properly, you may want to double-check your Alexa skills. Alexa skills may be used to change or enhance a function. Similarly, Alexa has many abilities that may be used to loop music and playlists. The problem is that some of them are awful. That is why we recommend that you check out and install an excellent Alexa skill. It will, in the end, solve your

can you Meditate with Alexa?

Yes, you can meditate with Alexa. Alexa has skills like Headspace for this. See our full description of this.


Amazon Echo is a line of smart speakers that has Alexa pre-installed. Specially, these gadgets exist in several versions, each with its specific function. Voice control is a wonderful feature for smart home applications. Using voice commands, Alexa can control many smart home features. With only a voice command, Alexa can operate all of your smart gadgets. Alexa may also connect to a smart hub. You may then use speech to control the smart hub.

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