Why is Geeni Not Working with Google Home? [Guide]


Smart home technology has become very popular in today’s world. People are embracing the convenience and control offered by devices like Geeni smart plugs, lights, and cameras.

One of the key aspects of a smart home setup is the ability to control devices through voice commands using virtual assistants like Google Home. However, it can be frustrating when your Geeni devices don’t work seamlessly with Google Home.

In this guide, we will explore the common reasons behind this problem and provide troubleshooting steps to help you resolve it.

What is Geeni?

    Geeni is simply a smart home ecosystem which is very popular now. It lets users control devices like bulbs, cameras and plugs through a centralized app. Here, users can control their smart devices remotely by setting schedules. It can even integrate voice control using voice assistants like Google Home. Geeni app is very easy to use and monitors your smart home devices from anywhere.


    How to Fix Geeni Not Working with Google Home?

      There could be several reasons for Geeni not to work properly with Google Home. This article will explore the reasons and the methods to fix those issues.

      Restart Your App

      Sometimes you will identify that your Geeni is not working when it does not function properly with your devices. Because Google Home works properly with Geeni smart devices and prevents errors. Restarting an app can fix some issues related to it. So here, you must try to restart your Geeni app too.

      It will refresh your app and flush the bugs inside. So you can solve your issue and make the app function properly. Therefore, if you identify any bug related to your Geeni app, try this method first rather than other methods. But, if you ever find that restarting will not help you, check the other methods mentioned below to fix the bugs.

      Check Your Internet Connection

      Geeni requires an internet connection to work. If your connection is unstable, you will identify issues related to your app. So, check your network connection before using your Geeni devices. However, a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network will also prevent your devices from connecting to Google Home.

      So, go for your settings if you are using 5GHz and switch it to 2.4GHz. As a result, a strong network connection will be provided, and Geeni will properly perform with Google Home. Moreover, you can do a speed test to test your internet speed. In addition, contact your ISP for the best solutions regarding internet connection issues.

      Update Geeni App

      If you run an older version of the Geeni app, sometimes it will not function properly. Therefore, update your app to gain the best results. So, that will include new features and functionalities.

      Updating the Geeni app will also fix all bugs previously reported by the Geeni support team in the app. Moreover, you can set your settings to automatically update the app. It will give you the latest functionalities free of bugs. So, if you feel your Geeni is not working properly with Google Home, try updating the Geeni app to fix that issue.

      Reboot Your Device

      Rebooting a device is simply restarting or shutting it down completely. It is a common troubleshooting method to resolve various software or performance issues related to electronic devices. If your Geeni app does not work properly with Google Home, it is better to try rebooting the device.

      Sometimes, the device will not work properly when cache files or bugs hit your device’s RAM. Then, you should reboot your device. This process helps to refresh the memory of your device. If Geeni is still not working with Google Home, it is better to try the other methods of fixing the issues mentioned below.

      Check to see if Geeni or Google Home Service is turned off.

      Your Geeni app will not work properly with Google Home if the Geeni or Google Home service is turned off. If you find any issues even after solving the network issues, this issue can be the reason for this working style.

      So, checking this clearly before using your Google Home devices is very important. If Geeni or Google Home services are experiencing an outage, then Geeni will not work properly too. So here, waiting for the services to be restored is good. Connect your device to Google Home again and check whether this service is working properly soon after the services are back up and running.

      Report the Issue to Customer Support

      It is possible to fix your issues with Geeni by following the methods mentioned above in this article. But, if those issues remain even after trying the above methods, the best option is to report them to customer support. So first, check your internet connection once again.

      Then, call the customer support centre and report the issues. Here, make sure to give them all details about the problem. Moreover, mention even the steps you took yourself to fix those issues. Then, the customer support team will fix those issues within a minimum time and allow you to efficiently use the Geeni with Google Home.

      Why won’t my Geeni device connect?

      A common problem when connecting Geeni device to Google Home is unstable internet connection. A Wi-Fi connection is an essential requirement for connecting a device to the Google Home app. Therefore, if your Geeni device is not connected to the Wi-Fi network, it will not be recognized by the Google Home app.

      Can I use Geeni without Wi-Fi?

      Users often ask if the Geeni device can work without a Wi-Fi connection. The simple answer is no. The Geeni device must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to function. Without a Wi-Fi connection, the device will not be able to connect to the internet, and hence the functionality will be limited.


        How do I sync Geeni with Google Home?

        This is a frequently asked question by users from the customer-supportive teams. You can control your Geeni devices using voice commands by syncing Geeni with Google Home. Moreover, you can create schedules and enjoy a more integrated smart home experience. So, here are the steps to sync Geeni with Google Home.

        • · Ensure that your Google Home and Geeni devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
        • · First, get your smartphone and open the Google Home app.
        • · Add a new device and select “Set up device”.
        • · Select “Works with Google” and search for “Geeni” in the available services list.
        • · Create a new Geeni account or sign in for your existing account.
        • · Allow permission for Google Home to access your Geeni devices.
        • · After scanning, select the devices you want to sync with Google Home.
        • · Assign the devices to specific rooms for easy voice control.
        • · Finally, to complete the setup, follow the on-screen directions.


        Therefore, try these steps if you ever identify that your Geeni app does not work properly with Google Home. Then, your bugs will be fixed. As an outcome, you will get a chance to ease your work using these smart electric devices.

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