Best Alexa Netflix Commands to use Netflix [Guide]


Welcome to a guide on mastering the art of controlling Netflix with Alexa! In this article, we will explore the basic and advanced commands that Alexa offers for seamless interaction with your favorite movies and TV shows. Get ready to take your Netflix experience to the next level with the power of voice!

Netflix has become the most popular platform for enjoying a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content. With the advancement of voice assistant technology, using Netflix has become even more convenient and hands-free in the digital streaming age. Netflix use has become even more convenient and hands-free with the rise of voice assistant technology.

Alexa of Amazon is a highly used virtual assistant. It has seamlessly integrated with Netflix. And also it allows users to control their viewing experience with simple voice commands. In this article, I hope to discuss the commands on Alexa Netflix.

Can you use voice commands on Netflix?

By speaking voice commands on Netflix, you can find and play TV shows and movies. Most voice-activated remote controls and voice-activated assistants are only allowed to use your voice. By using this we can increase convenience.

You can ask Alexa to do different things on Netflix, like turn on Netflix, change the volume, or switch inputs.

Alexa Netflix Commands

How to Launch Netflix on Alexa-Enabled Devices?


Launching Netflix on your Alexa-enabled device is a breeze. All you need to do is utter a simple voice command. Here’s how:

Say “Alexa, open Netflix.” – Alexa will open the Netflix app on your device, ready to take further commands.

    How to Open Specific Shows or Movies on Netflix?

    Tired of scrolling through menus to find your favorite show or movie on Netflix? With Alexa, you can directly access the content you want to watch.

    Say “Alexa, play [show/movie title] on Netflix.” – Alexa will search for the content you want and start playing it instantly.

    How to Control Playback with Alexa?

    • Say “Alexa, pause.” – To pause the playback.
    • Say “Alexa, play.” – To resume the playback.
    • Say “Alexa, stop.” – To stop the playback.

    Adjust subtitles and audio

    Subtitles On/Off: If you prefer watching movies or shows with or without subtitles, ask Alexa to turn them on or off. Say “Alexa, turn on subtitles” or “Alexa, turn off subtitles.”

    Adjusting Subtitle Settings: Further customize your viewing experience by adjusting subtitle settings. For example, say “Alexa, make subtitles bigger” or “Alexa, move subtitles up”.

    How to Fast-Forward and Rewind?

    Want to skip forward or go back to a specific scene? Alexa’s got you covered.

    Say “Alexa, fast-forward.” – To fast-forward the content.

    Say “Alexa, rewind.” – To rewind the content.

      Play Next Episode: Binge Viewers Rejoice! To seamlessly skip to the next episode of a series without touching a button, say “Alexa, play the next episode.

      Previous Episode: Likewise, you can ask Alexa to play the previous episode by saying, “Alexa, play previous episode.”

      Skip episodes: If there are episodes you want to skip, ask Alexa to skip them. Say “Alexa, go to Season 3, Episode 5.

        Multitasking with Alexa and Netflix


        If we need to get more done with less effort, we can say “Multitasking” is a great method for that. It may be easier to do one thing at a time, but multitasking can also mean doing several things at once in this world.

        Using two different browsers while reading the same web page, using two different apps while listening to the same podcast and using two different apps while following the same news story on Twitter are some examples of those. We could say that multitasking is the reason for more and more difficulty in our lives these days.

        It has become a habit we have developed over repeated exposure. And also, it is a thing that we need to break if we want to truly succeed. You can multitask with the combination of Alexa and Netflix.

        Why is my Alexa connected but not working?


        There are more reasons why your Alexa device is connected but not working properly. You can try these solutions such as checking your internet connection, power cycling your Alexa device, checking the microphone and speaker, updating the Alexa app, resetting your Alexa device and contacting Amazon customer support.

        By checking these things, you can find out your problem with why your Alexa device is not working even if it has connected.

        Does Alexa slow down the internet connection?

        Control Netflix with Alexa on Fire TV

        The Alexa video skill API will enable you to control apps on your smart TV with your voice.

        This feature is enabled by default on all Fire TV models.

        You can launch any app with voice commands from Fire TV Home.

        Also, only specific services support the Alexa video skill API.

        You can search for shows and movies, play a movie or TV show, skip to the next episode, and control video playback with Alexa Netflix commands.

        Can Alexa control a Samsung TV?

        Alexa has improved the lifestyle of many to a great extent. And also, it is still done by Alexa. It is popular for task automation. It is transforming the way you manage your smart devices. You can control everything from home lighting to music or audio-visual stuff by using Alexa.

        But there are some doubts about Samsung TV and another favourite subscription or app, Netflix, such as whether Alexa can control Netflix on Samsung TV and whether you can play your favourite shows or movies by giving voice commands to Alexa likewise.

        There are two different methods that can allow Alexa to control Netflix on Samsung TV based on if your TV has Alexa or not. If your TV has built-in Alexa, then scanning the QR code is one of those two methods.

        Another method is if your TV has no built-in Alexa, use SmartThings to do it. Netflix can make your smart home a mini theatre by replacing all your entertainment needs. Finding your favourite shows and searching different playlists take time. At that time, Alexa voice assistance comes into play to make these tasks simple for you.

        You will need to connect Alexa to your Samsung TV, as I mentioned. You can give commands to play and pause a track, go back and skip ahead while watching movies once connected.

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