Toshiba TV Not working with Alexa | How to Fix


Most smart TVs, including Toshiba models, are compatible with Alexa. It allows you to control the TV with simple voice commands.

However, sometimes users may face various problems while working with their Toshiba TV Alexa integration.

In this article, we will show you the guides to solve Alexa not working with toshiba TV.

Common Issues with Toshiba TV and Alexa

There are several common issues that users may encounter with their Toshiba TV’s Alexa integration. These range from connectivity problems, unresponsive voice commands, to firmware glitches. Understanding these problems is the first step towards finding a solution.

Can Toshiba TV connect to Alexa?

Yes, you can connect your Toshiba TV to Alexa. Toshiba allows you to use Alexa on your TV using a companion device called TOSHIBA CONNECT.

TOSHIBA CONNECT is a box that enables you to control your Toshiba Smart TV with Amazon Alexa.


First understand the problem

Your problem is that Toshiba TV won’t connect to Alexa or won’t respond after connecting. Before proceeding to the solution, it is essential to understand why Toshiba TV does not work with Alexa.

Common problems include network connectivity issues, outdated software, incorrect settings, or compatibility issues. Identifying the cause is important for the solution.

How to Fix Toshiba TV Not working with Alexa

You can solve Toshiba TV Not working with Alexa problem by following solutions.

1. Network connection issues between Alexa and Toshiba TV

One of the primary reasons why Alexa won’t respond to commands after you connect your Toshiba TV to Alexa can be network connection issues.

The solution is to first check that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, restart your router to refresh the network connection and ensure that your Wi-Fi signal is strong and stable.

2. Toshiba TV model compatibility issues

Not all Toshiba TV models are compatible with Alexa. It is important to confirm whether your TV model supports Alexa integration. Check the Toshiba website or user manual for this.

If your TV isn’t compatible, consider using a third-party device like the Amazon Fire Stick that can be controlled by Alexa.

3. Outdated software of Toshiba TV

Outdated software on your Toshiba TV or Alexa device can cause compatibility issues between these two devices.

For this, check for available updates for your Toshiba TV and update it, update the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet and if using an Echo device, check for updates via the Alexa app.

4. Incorrect settings

Incorrect settings in your Toshiba TV or Alexa app can also affect these compatibility. For this make sure your Toshiba TV is set up for voice control, in the Alexa app, check if the Toshiba TV skill is enabled and if necessary reconnect your Toshiba TV to the Alexa app.

6. Your device power cycle

Turn off your Toshiba TV and Alexa device, unplug them for a few minutes, then plug them back in. This can often resolve minor connection issues.

7. Reset your Toshiba TV.

Performing a factory reset on your Toshiba TV can fix deeper problems.

Contact support
If none of the solutions work, contact Toshiba Customer Support for further assistance.

8. Enable Toshiba TV Alexa Skill

The Toshiba TV skill must be enabled on your Alexa device to control your TV.

This acts as a bridge between Alexa and your TV.

For this you can open the Alexa app and go to skills and games and search for “Toshiba TV”. Now enable the Toshiba TV skill there.

9. Update Toshiba TV Firmware.

Check for firmware updates for your Toshiba TV. Many features come with Firmware.

Manufacturers often release updates that improve and fix bugs.

How to setup alexa with Toshiba TV



What is Alexa Compatible Toshiba TV?

Toshiba Fire TV Edition TVs are compatible with Alexa.

What are the benefits of updating Toshiba TV software?

Updating the software of Toshiba TV gives you several benefits.

Access to new features: Updating your TV software will enable you to use the latest features from the manufacturer.

Bug Fixes: Many bugs are fixed after the update.

Improved compatibility: After updating you will have the ability to try out new features.

Can you use Alexa just as a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, you can use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Can you change Alexa voice to Jarvis?

You can change Alexa voice to Jarvis voice through language settings.

Does Toshiba TV have Alexa built in?

Yes, some Toshiba TVs have Alexa built-in.

What are the benefits of having Alexa built-in on a Toshiba TV?

Having the ability to control voices without using the remote, further enhancing your smart home experience.


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