9 Ways to Fix Alexa Not Working on Samsung TV [Guide]


Smart devices have become an essential part of our convenience in today’s technological world. One such case is the integration of virtual voice assistants like Alexa into smart TVs, thereby providing users with ways to enhance their entertainment experience.

Samsung has incorporated Alexa compatibility into its smart TV lineup, and it allows users to control their TVs using voice commands.

But also, there may be issues come here, such as when Alexa stops working on consumers’ Samsung TVs. In this article, you can explore the potential reasons behind this issue and explore troubleshooting steps to restore seamless Alexa functionality.

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Why Is Alexa Not Working On Samsung TV?

Such as some possible causes include a weak or unstable internet connection, an incorrect wake-up word, an unstopped TV model and also an issue with the Alexa app or speaker could be several reasons why Alexa is unable to turn on your Samsung TV.

How to Fix

1. Check if your Samsung TV is a Smart TV?

Samsung has many TVs. But you need a Samsung Smart phone to use Alexa. Therefore, you should first check if your Samsung TV is a Smart TV.

2. Check if Your Devices Are on the Same Wi-Fi Network

You may have multiple Wifi Routers. Therefore, it is very important that your devices are connected to the same Wifi network to connect the TV to Alexa. So connect your Alexa device and TV to the same Wifi network.

3. Lost Connection with SmartThings App

Your TV has lost its connection with the smart things apps is the primary issue. Additionally, your Alexa device may no longer pair with the SmartThings app is also possible. It is important to note that the SmartThings App is a bridge between Alexa and Samsung TV.

You cannot pair Alexa with Samsung TV without connecting to it. To detect this issue and determine whether both devices are still paired, you must check your SmartThings app.

4. Is Your Amazon Alexa Device Working?


Your device may not be functional if you will find Alexa not working on Samsung TVs. You can continue trying to pair it with other devices. And also, we have to find out that Alexa is not working on Samsung TV remote devices either.

To make sure you have used the proper settings, look into how to set up Alexa. Your Amazon Alexa login or consult your Alexa app may need to adjust.

5. Check if Eco-Mode is enabled on your Samsung TV

It is a great mode, known as Eco-mode, to save power and help the environment. But, it may interfere with some functionalities. To see whether it remedies your issues, consider disabling this eco-mode.

6. Alexa is Built-in into Your Samsung TV

Alexa has already been built into the app in some smart televisions. You may be using a device unnecessarily if you are wondering, “Why is Alexa not working on my Samsung TV?”. If Alexa has already built-in, look into your television’s settings to see that. You will find out that your TV is not responding to Alexa devices if it is.

7. A Weak Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is another reason Alexa is not working on a Samsung TV. If not, you will frequently meet problems related to Alexa connecting with the Samsung TV. If your Alexa is not working with Samsung TV due to a poor internet connection, you must resolve your network issues.

To resolve the connection problem, you can restart your router or talk to your network provider. You can change the router or look for other potential errors if the problem continuously occurs.

8. Check the Remove-To-Pair Tab

There is a Remove-To-Pair Tab on Samsung Smart TVs. It partially controls the Alexa pairing and its command features. In this tab, you may be able to look for errors by checking the LED lights of the TV. The “Remove-to-Pair” tab will not be working properly if they are not working properly.

There may be faults in the Remove-To-pair tab because of overworking. To resolve the issue, pull out the batteries for a few minutes. Put them back in their place after giving them some rest. This method will power cycle the TV and reboot the Remove-to-Pair tab. This could fix the issue and help TV to pair again with Alexa.

9. Check your Alexa Echo or Echo Dot Device

In your Alexa Echo or Dot device, the problem might also reside there. You may be unable to operate your Samsung TV vocally because of its manufacturing. In addition to the potential errors, low battery charging is also responsible for weak connectivity between Alexa and your TV.

As the solution, you should check whether your Alexa device is adequately charged first. Otherwise, you should look for potential issues in the Echo or Echo Dot speakers. And also, to determine whether Alexa works appropriately, you can use the Alexa manual. You have to call for professional help if you can not determine the problem.


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Can Alexa control Netflix on Samsung TV?

Yes, Alexa can be used. Both your Samsung TV and Alexa-enabled device should be properly set up and integrated for that. Check compatibility and set up and also, on your smartphone or tablet, open the Alexa app and navigate to “Skills and games”, and search for the Netflix skill. Then enable it and follow the prompts to link your Netflix account with your Alexa account. You can use voice commands to control things and navigate and search. You have to make sure you’ve logged in to the Netflix account on Samsung TV.

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How do I turn on the Alexa voice on my Samsung TV?

To enable Alexa voice control on your Samsung TV, you need to follow these phases. Ensure compatibility by making sure whether your Samsung TV model supports Alexa integration. Then set up Amazon Echo or Alexa device. Enable Alexa skills on TV and then link TV and Alexa accounts. After enabling Alexa Skills, use the wake word to activate Alexa. These phases may vary depending on the TV model and software version.

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