How to Turn on Setup Mode on Alexa [Echo Dot Setup Mode]

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Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to enable setup mode on your Alexa device. These instructions apply to 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot models.

What Is Amazon Echo Setup Mode?

When you turn on the Echo device for the first time, it will automatically enter Setup Mode. In setup mode, the Echo Dot connects to your phone via Bluetooth. After that Wifi should be connected to water. (Echo Dot won’t work without Wifi.)

When you’re in setup mode, the Echo Dot’s lights will turn from official to orange.

So the Echo Dot setup mode is the initial configuration process of connecting your Alexa enabled device to the internet and connecting it to your Amazon account.

What is needed to set up Alexa?

You will need the following to set up Alexa.

Amazon account, Echo device, stable internet connection are mainly required.

How to put Alexa into setup mode?


1 Make sure your Echo Dot is ready

First, connect your Echo Dot to a power adapter.

    Make sure your Echo Dot is in range of a stable Wifi network. Now you can go to the next step.

    2. Locate the Action button.

    To enter setup mode, you need to find the Actions button on your Echo Dot.

      Look for a button with a dot icon on the top of the Echo Dot device. This is your action button.

      3 Press and hold the Action button

      Now it’s time to put the Echo Dot into setup mode.

      Press and hold the Action button for five seconds and the Echo Dot’s ring of light will start spinning in the official color.

      Then hold down the Action button to take the Echo Dot into setup mode and the light ring will turn orange.

      4 Complete the setup process from your Alexa app.

      • First of all make sure you have downloaded the Alexa app on your phone.
      • Now turn on the Alexa app.
      • Tap on the “Devices” icon in the bottom right corner.
      • In the device menu, tap on the “+” button to add a new device.
      • Now select the specific model as “Amazon Echo” or Echo Dot from the list that comes up.
      • The app guides you through the rest of the setup steps, such as connecting your Echo Dot to your Wi-Fi network and confirming your location. Proceed through those steps.

      Additional Tips

      If you can’t find your action button, see the book on the device.

      If you face any problem during the setup process. Restart your mobile phone and Echo device. Then the problem is solved.

      Why Won’t My Echo Dot Go Into Setup Mode?

      Echo DOt

      Your Echo device is already set up if someone has used it before. If not, follow the steps below to fix the error.

      1 . Check power and connection.

      Check that your Echo Dot device is properly connected to a power source.

      2 . Reset the Echo Dot.

      Most issues with the Echo Dot can be fixed by resetting.

      3 . Wi-Fi network problems

      Wifi is absolutely necessary to operate the Echo Dot. So check if the Wifi is working properly. Try restarting your Wi-Fi router to ensure it is working properly.

      4 . Update the Alexa app.

      5 . Contact Amazon Support

      If none of the above works, it might be a good idea to contact Amazon’s customer support for further assistance.

      Can I use Alexa without a Wi-Fi connection?

      Alexa Blue

      When Alexa acts as a virtual assistant, it’s completely on the Internet. Voice recognition and cloud-based features require a Wi-Fi connection.

      But there are things Alexa can do without internet. Basic functions like setting alarms and timers can be done without internet.

      Controlling smart home devices, playing music from streaming services, providing real-time information, etc. all require internet.

      Internet is absolutely required for you to have the best experience of Alexa.

      Can I connect to Alexa via Bluetooth?

      Of course, you can connect the Alexa device with any bluetooth enabled speaker device. Once connected you can stream audio from your Alexa device. It actually works as a Bluetooth speaker.

      How To Use Alexa As A Bluetooth Speaker Without WiFi

      Do I need to keep setup mode on all the time?

      No, your device will exit setup mode completely after setup is complete.

      What should I do if the light on my device is not orange?

      If the light is not orange, restart your device and try the steps again.

      Is it possible to set up Alexa using a computer instead of a smartphone or tablet?

      Currently, the setup process requires the Alexa app on a smartphone or tablet.

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