What is the difference between Alexa and Echo?


In this guide, we are going to talk about the difference between Alexa and Echo?

Alexa and echo can’t work solely. They always go together. Alexa makes your work easier by creating many things a sound away from you. Echo always helps Alexa who is the virtual assistant. If you have any doubt related to Alexa or Echo, just go through this article.

What Is Amazon Echo?


Amazon Echo is used in various devices designed by Amazon that are powered by Alexa. It is commonly used for smart speakers but versions with displays are also available. Any echo device can work at home having a stable WiFi connection. Many companies have built sophisticated smart speakers with Alexa technology

What is Alexa?

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Amazon Alexa is an intelligent assistant that comes to your help after a single voice command. It is the creation of Amazon. It recognizes human speech and completes tasks. Alexa won’t work without a microphone and a speaker. The microphone helps to hear the sound of your command while speakers make Alexa respond. So it is easy to use Alexa on different devices. You will find it in devices like fitness trackers, cars, TVs, etc.

You just need to say ‘Alexa’ to wake up the assistant. When you have so many Alexa skills enabled in the app and more Alexa accessories added, the number of tasks you can perform is also high.

What Amazon Alexa Can Do?

Alexa can perform your voice commands. It is compatible with English and eight other languages along with a half-dozen dialects for non-English speakers.

You can ask Alexa to perform several tasks. If you want to hear the time, read weather ad news for you, listen to a joke, control smart home devices, and set timers, just ask Alexa. This intelligent assistant will do them for you.

What Amazon Echo Can Do?

Amazon Echo comprises devices. Those are smart displays and speakers. Here, Alexa is the voice-based interface that is used to control it. The Echo devices should be connected to a WiFi connection or have internet access. Otherwise, Alexa won’t able to respond to commands or answer questions.

Let’s check out the things the Amazon Echo can do.

Tune in to the Radio


If you love listening to the radio, then simply ask Alexa to play your favorite station. Alexa is gifted with the service Tuneln to tune whatever station you want. The channels including local and nationally syndicated programming from sources like NPR and ESPN are accessible with Amazon Echo. When you ask for the news of the day, you will get a ‘Flash briefing’ of the day’s highlighted headlines. Amazon Echo can use iHeartRadio to stream your favorite podcast.

Listen to books


Now, you don’t need to read books by yourself. Amazon Echo can read books. Most of the audiobooks are read by the author.

Order pizza


Pizza is only a voice command away from you. Alexa Echo can order pizza for you. Whenever you feel lazy to cook, just ask Alexa Echo to order a pizza.

Change the color of your light

Now, you don’t want to fight with switches to change the color of lights. If you have a smart house, then Amazon Echo will ease your work. You can ask her to turn or off bulbs, dim them up, or down. Even it is possible to change to a specific color.

There are many other things that you can do with Amazon Echo. Try to make your work easy with this virtual assistant.

How Much is an Alexa?

The cost of an Alexa speaker differs with the type. It ranges from 40 to 230 dollars.

Difference Between Echo and Echo Dot

Both Echo and Echo Dot are really smart devices. They do whatever the things you ask them to do. Echo and echo dot comes with clearly visible differences.

The Echo is a cylindrical-shaped full-size Bluetooth speaker. It is styled with blue illuminating lights. But in Echo Dot, you will find strips. Both these devices have Alexa that is always on by default. They are integrated with more than 130 apps within. It is called ‘skill’ and that helps to perform your commands. Both devices can figure out your voice commands with the use of seven Omni-directional microphone arrays. Dot works well with an external speaker attached compared to the standalone smart speaker.

Price is the most critical factor when you are tossing between Echo and Echo Dot. The Echo Dot wins the battle in the price point. It offers almost all the features available in Echo for half of the price compared to Echo. You may need to spend some more dollars to buy an external speaker for the Dot.

The sound quality of Echo and Echo Dot has a clear difference. Dot has much smaller speakers compared to Echo. So it gives out less performance in sound quality. Dot is sleek and compact.



Can I use Alexa without Prime?

You can use Alexa without subscribing to Prime. But it gives you limited options. You can listen to music with Alexa without Amazon Prime Subscription. If you want to

Is it essential to have a smartphone to use Alexa?

The simplest answer is no. You don’t need a smartphone to use Alexa. If you don’t have a smartphone, then use Alexa on the tablet.

What are the examples of Common commands in Alexa?

The common commands in Alexa are,

  • Alexa, tell me the news.
  • *Alexa, tell me a joke
  • Alexa, wake me at 6 AM tomorrow
  • Alexa set a 30-minutes timer.

These are only examples of commands. Your experience with Alexa can be totally different from your friends. Alexa will always help you to make things easy and fast.

Is Amazon Echo and Alexa the Same Thing?

Amazon Alexa and Echo are the same products. Simply Echo is the hardware or device inside which Alexa lives. Alexa wants a speaker and a microphone to work. Echo fulfills these requirements. Several types of Echos are available with upgraded features like better look, speakers, and microphones.


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