Does Blink Work with Google Home?


Blink is a brand of home security camera systems that provides video surveillance solutions for small businesses. These battery-powered cameras are a popular choice for easy-to-operate DIY home security. These camera systems are designed to be compact and versatile. Also allows users to monitor their properties.

These connect with the Blink sync module and act as a central hub with the Blink cloud servers. Blink works with Google Home and integrates with Google Assistant. I hope to give a detailed explanation of it in this article. We must remember that new technology and device compatibility may change over time.


Yes, Blink is compatible with Google Home devices. Since Blink is an Amazon company, Blink video doorbells and cameras work well with most Alexa devices. But it doesn’t have native compatibility with Google Home. To use Blink with Google Home, it must be integrated through IFTTT.

Also, the Blink account must be linked with the Google Assistant account. Using IFTTT to connect Blink with Google Home may seem complicated, but it’s generally an easy process. This will only take a few minutes to connect Blink to Google Assistant. Also, these steps will vary slightly depending on the Blink system version and your Google Home device.

By combining Blink and Google Home, you can perform various functions such as live view, camera status, and arm/disarm. You can ask Google Assistant to show the live feed from your Blink cameras on devices connected to your Google Home. You can also arm or disarm your Blink camera using voice commands through Google Home.

It also enables you to check the status of your Blink cameras. Integration between Blink and Google Home is subject to features and capabilities supported by both systems. As these technologies change over time, it is important to keep them updated.

For the process of integrating Blink and Google Home, first, you should download the IFTTT application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and then open IFTTT and create an account. Tap “Explore” from the homepage and search for and select “Blink”, and then press “Connect”.

Then you need to tap “Continue”, follow the prompts to sign in to your Blink account, and choose “Grant Access”. Then you need to go back to the “Explore” page and type in “Google Assistant.” After that, press “Connect”, follow the prompts to sign into your Google account and select “Grant Access” to finalize the connection. You can set up automation between Blink and Google Home from here.


Both Blink and Ring are owned by Amazon. Since Amazon has Alexa as their own voice assistant, Google Assistant is a major competitor of Amazon. Google offers their own security camera system, Nest Cams. So there is little support for Google and Amazon to work together on Blink cameras.

Alternatives Compatible With Google Home

There are several alternative home security camera systems that are compatible with Google Home. Nest Cam, Arlo, Ring, Wyze Cam, and Eufy Security are a few of them.

Nest Cam is a popular home security camera system that integrates with Google Home. This system offers indoor and outdoor camera options with features like live streaming, motion detection, and two-way audio, and it also provides intelligent alerts and works well with other Nest devices for a comprehensive smart home setup.

Arlo is another wireless home security camera. This is one of the leading smart security providers. It works with Google Home. This offers various models for indoor and outdoor use. Wire-free, battery-powered options and provide HD video, night vision, and motion detection are provided features are included for it. Arlo cameras can be easily integrated with Google Home for voice control and monitoring.

There is another alternative home security camera system named Ring. It is a popular home security brand offering video doorbells and indoor and outdoor cameras. Many of these are compatible with Google Home. This allows you to view live feeds, receive motion alerts, and interact with visitors using your voice via Google Assistant. Indoor Camera of Ring is a great choice that can go against Blink’s best.

Furthermore, Wyze Cam is a budget-friendly option that offers affordable indoor and outdoor cameras. This provides features like HD video, motion detection, and two-way audio. This camera system can be integrated with Google Home for voice control and viewing camera feeds on Google Assistant-compatible devices.

When considering the above alternatives, I would like to let you know that you should check for compatibility with Google Home, as specific camera models or features may have varying levels of integration.

Integrating Blink cameras with Google Home offer several benefits for home security and convenience. Voice control, such as asking Google Assistant to perform actions like showing the live video feed from your cameras, checking camera status, or arming/disarming your Blink system, hands-free monitoring, serves as a central hub for controlling various smart home devices, enhancing security alerts and multi-device access are some of them.

The specific features and benefits of integrating Blink with Google Home may vary depending on the capabilities and compatibility of both systems.

Is Ring Compatible With Google Home?

Absolutely! Google Home can trigger actions based on Blink’s motion detection. This dynamic integration allows you to set up personalized routines and automation that respond to specific events captured by your Blink cameras. By leveraging Google Home’s capabilities, you can create a more intelligent and interactive home security system.

To enable Google Home to react to Blink’s motion detection, you can utilize the built-in routines feature within the Google Home app. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Google Home app and tap on the “Routines” tab.
  • Select “Manage Routines” and tap the “+” icon to create a new routine.
  • Choose your desired trigger for the routine and select “Blink motion detected” as the trigger source.
  • Specify the actions you want Google Home to perform when the motion is detected. For example, you can set it to announce the detection, turn on lights, or even start recording on another device.
  • Customize other settings, such as the time of day, days of the week, or specific devices involved.
  • Save the routine, and from now on, whenever Blink detects motion, Google Home will execute the specified actions automatically.

Most common Google Home problems

Users may encounter some common issues while Google Home devices are reliable. One of the basic requirements for the proper functioning of Google Home devices is the problem of Wi-Fi connection, which is a frequent problem. Google Home is an operation based on voice commands, where sometimes the problems of not correctly identifying the voice appear to the users. Also, sometimes google home devices fail to respond to voice commands. Another problem is music playback problems.

That is, playing music through google home causes difficulty in selecting the wrong songs or playing songs. Also, compatibility issues arise when working with multiple Google Home devices. Also, managing online accounts, privacy settings, and personal preferences in Google Home can be confusing. These are some common problems that you may have while using Google Home.

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