2 Ways to Open MyQ Garage Door with Alexa? [Guide]


Home automation has become a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. The way that we interact with our living spaces has been transformed by the convenience of controlling your home device with simple voice commands.

MyQ garage door opener and Amazon’s Alexa are such innovative integrations. They offer homeowners a seamless and hands-free way to manage their garage doors.

The MyQ garage door opener allows you to control and monitor your garage door from anywhere by using the Smartphone. It is a cutting-edge device.

You can ensure the security of your home, grant access to visitors, and receive alerts about your garage door’s status with this new technology.

We will furthermore explore how the MyQ Garage door opener works harmoniously with Alexa in this article.

Does MyQ work with Alexa?


MyQ has the ability to work with Alexa. Alexa does not recognize garage doors natively, but by implementing a workaround using IFTT, you can still use MyQ with Alexa.

You can download the IFTT app and then sync the IFTT app with your MyQ, and Alexa accounts to open and close your MyQ smart garage with Alexa.

How to connect MyQ to Alexa using the SimpleCommands App

It is better to use the third-party app SimpleCommands if you need to connect MyQ to Alexa. As a brief summary of the guidance, use the SimpleCommands app to create scenes.

And then, those scenes get imported into the Alexa app. Finally, create routines that activate the scenes within the Alexa app.

I’ll try to make the step-by-step guide very thorough in this guide. So, even the most novice user can follow along with this.

    Step 1 – Install the Simple Commands app

    As the first step, you have to download the SimpleCommands app from Google Play or App Store and create an account. You need to make sure to remember the password because you will need that password again in a couple of steps.

    Step 2 – Connect MyQ to Simple Commands

    Then, press the Add Items/Remove Items button with the SimpleCommands app open. Then, find MyQ – openers in the list of items and press +Add. After entering the email and password for your MyQ account, then press Submit.

    Now, you have to link your MyQ account to the SimpleCommands app. You will be able to see “Manage” after the MyQ – Openers entry instead of the “+Add” button if it worked.

    Step 3 – Create Scenes in Simple Commands

    Select “All Items” by pressing the top left menu to return to the home screen. On the MyQ app, any MyQ devices that you have installed should now show up here. The menu should be for the garage door device.

    Then, go to the bottom of the menu, and then you have to press the “Enable Voice Companion Alexa / Google Assistant” button. Here, you need to choose which functions you would like to enable. As an example, I want to enable both open and close for my home.

    You have to enter a phrase, then “Save” for each function. The phrase that will show up as a scene in the Alexa app is this phrase. You are done with the SimpleCommands app once this step is finished.

    Step 4 – Link Simple Commands to Alexa

    You will have to download the Alexa app and set up your account if you don’t have an Alexa account already. Then, open the Alexa app and press the lower right “More” menu. Then, select “Skills & Games” from the menu and press the “Search” button.

    You’ll have to type the “kloee for SC” into the search form, then select and enable the “kloee for SC” skill. Here, enter your login info for SimpleCommands, or if you choose to have your login info remembered, it may automatically link your account. Press “Close” once the accounts are linked.

    Step 5 – Find New Scenes

    Alexa should automatically search for and find your new scenes once the skill is enabled and your accounts linked. If Alexa doesn’t find your new garage door scenes, you can press “Devices” on the bottom menu and then scroll to the right on the top slider menu and select “Scenes.” And then, scroll all the way to the bottom of your list of scenes and press the “Discover Scenes” button.

    One minute or more time may take for this process. Once this process is done, it should discover the new scenes you just created in the SimpleCommands app.

    Step 6 – Create Alexa Routines

    You need to press “More” on the bottom menu and select “Routines.” And then, press the “+” button in the upper right corner to start creating a new routine, then select “Enter routine name.” Type in a name for the routine that can be anything.

    Then, select “When this happens” and select the “Voice” option. Now, you have to enter the exact phrase you need to use to control your garage door and press “Next.” There is another option to “add another phrase.” After that, select “Add action,” then select “Smart Home,” and also select “Control Scene.” You need to find and select the scene you want to activate with this routine, and once the scene is added, save the routine.

    Step 7 – Test the routines

    To use the routines, you have to simply say your wake word followed by the text you entered in the routines.

    Using the IFTTT Applet to Close the Garage Door with Amazon Alexa


    First, download the IFTTT app and create an IFTTT account. For that, you’ll need an Amazon account and an Alexa-enabled device. In the IFTTT app, search for “MyQ” and select “MyQ works better with Amazon Alexa.”

    Then select the IFTTT applet called “Close car garage door” and slide the bar labeled “Connect” to start connecting the three services. The app will request access first to MyQ and then to Amazon. Now, add the specific phrase for Alexa, and that’s all.

    • Download the IFTTT app and create an IFTTT account.
    • You must have a MYQ account created through the MYQ app.
    • Now go to the IFTTT app and search for “MYQ”.
    • Select “MyQ works better with Amazon Alexa”
    • Now click on the IFTTT applet called “Close Car Garage Door”.
    • Swipe to connect
    • To access MYQ, provide it as requested.
    • Now you can give Alexa a specific phrase.

    MyQ with Alexa using Simple Commands

    In order to get MyQ working with Alexa, you’ll need a Smartphone or tablet, MyQ Chamberlain garage door opener, Amazon Alexa, Alexa app, SimpleCommands app, and Internet connection.

    Download the SimpleCommands app and create an account, then verify your email, and you’ll be brought to the home screen of the app. Then, select “Add/Remove Items” and find “myQ – Openers.” After that, you can follow simple and easy steps, and you can try MyQ with Alexa.

    Can Alexa operate garage door?

    Yes, it can be arranged if you have the smart home devices you need. To do this, you usually need an Alexa-compatible smart garage door opener or a compatible smart home hub or controller.

    Voice commands that can be used for this

    “Alexa, open the garage door.”
    “Alexa, close the garage door.”
    “Alexa, is the garage door open?”

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