What Radio Stations can Alexa Play? [9 Best Alexa Radio Stations]


Amazon Alexa has revolutionized the era of voice-controlled technology. So the ability to stream Alexa radio stations is a very cool feature. What radio stations can Alexa play? If you are wondering about it, this detailed guide is for you.

Can Alexa Play Local Radio Stations?

Yes it can be done. You can ask for a frequency, a name, etc. by telling Alexa, play [station].

After activating the Alexa skill for your radio, you can easily listen to the radio you want. How to activate that skill is seen below.

How to listen to the Radio with Alexa?

Follow the instructions to enable Alexa skills on your Amazon Echo so you can listen to the radio.

  • First, open the Alexa app, tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner, and tap Skills & Games from the menu.
  • Then, find the skills you need.
  • Tap music or audio to browse specific locations and skills.
  • Finally, select the skill you want and tap Activate Skills. Alternatively, you can say, “Alexa, open skills.”

What Radio stations can Alexa play?


You may have a chance Alexa can already play your favourite local station without the need for any skills. Just try saying, “Alexa, play [station]”. By name, frequency, or call letters, you can request stations. As well as you will have the ability to request certain old-time radio shows by name, like “Radio Mystery Theater”.

Radio Paradise

    Radio Paradise lets you trust the skill to play some of the latest and greatest music, curated by professional DJs who pick from all kinds of genres. You will gain a perfect pick for background music. You can also have fun by just turning Radio Paradise on and seeing what plays.

    Most of us prefer this option for finding new favourite bands and checking out the latest music that is making waves in a number of different genres.

    MyTuner Radio

    Users can gain access to global FM and AM radio stations in their online formats from MyTuner Radio. It is a popular option. If you are willing to listen to international music or news directly from stations in Europe, Asia, or Australia, this will be a great choice for that.

    MyTuner Radio also has access to popular stations such as NPR News, Radio Disney, ESPN Radio, etc. That will have the ability to make it an excellent general pick, even for those who aren’t interested in international genres.

    The Roots FM

    There are many radio stations available for listening to classic rock. Most of them have online components. But we highly recommend The Roots FM if you are looking for one to start with.

    It has become a popular choice among us. It also specializes in knowledgeable DJs and a catalogue of songs that go far beyond the typical top 100 or so classic rock titles that so many stations play.

    Deep House

    We can just say that Deep House plays all Deep House all the time. It’s a better Alexa pick for those who are looking for an electronic station to pulse to. It would prefer that quite a few songs embrace vocals or remixes along the way.

    Hard Rock Hell Radio

    Alexa’s hard rock stations don’t get much better than Hard Rock Hell. It plays a wide variety of hard rock content from America, the U.K., and beyond.

    This is definitely a skill to try if you like listening to the most popular hard rock and metal bands. Furthermore, if you are willing to find some new bands to follow, this is the best.

    Gimme Metal

    The station is called Gimme Metal, offers hard tunes for metalheads and does it well. For those who like their music hard and are interested in finding new bands, this is a particularly good pick. Also, it may be a good pick as the hand-selected songs try to keep up with the latest sensations in the genre.

    Radio Anchor: Best for News Junkies

    We provide a recommendation that no one should rely on one source for their news. Users can easily seek out different perspectives through Radio Anchor.

    You can try commands like “Alexa, ask Radio Anchor to play sports stories from The New York Times,” or “Alexa, ask Radio Anchor to play news stories from All India Radio” to expand your worldview. Not playing live radio streams is the only downside of Radio Anchor. Instead of that, Alexa reads the news aloud.

    Classic Mix Radio

    This radio plays hits from the 60s. This is a great choice for enjoying popular old songs. They have performed special musical performances for the American troops.

    The Wiz (93.5)

    You can enjoy this radio with live DJs every night from Alexa.

    How to integrate ChatGPT with Alexa?


    Alexa App

    How to Ask Alexa to Play a Radio Station?

    It’s not that complicated. Depending on local radio internet services, you can easily play Radio Station by telling Alexa “Alexa, play [Station Name]”.

    But you can do this very well by installing Alexa Skills.

    How to use Alexa for Radio Alarms

    If you want Alexa to wake you up, you can do that with Alexa.

    This allows you to play the radio at the appropriate time.

    You can activate this by saying “Alex, wake me up with [radio station] at [selected time].

    You do not have to bear any monthly expenses for this. All you need is your internet connection.

    Why did Alexa stop playing radio stations?

    The default reason for Echo devices to stop playing music, radio, etc. is due to internet connection.

    If the other device is connected to the Internet via Wifi, it can also be blocked due to that traffic, so if Alexa Radio stops playing, check your Internet connection.

    Are there any radio skills I can add to enhance my Alexa radio experience?

    Yes, you can add radio skills to Alexa for a more customized experience. Explore the Alexa Skills Store for radio-related skills.

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